Explain 'Card Management' Actions


I was wondering if someone could explain the different actions available under card management. They are:

Add to front of lesson queue
Remove from front of lesson queue
Quick study
Add to known words

I’m working my way through the 10k Kitsun Optimized deck. I use ‘add to front of lesson queue’ regularly but I’ve got quite a queue lined up and I want to bypass it to add a few words to start reviewing. Would I use the ‘Awaken’ or ‘Quick Study’ actions? Would be nice to know what they all do (without have to test them myself). So far I haven’t been able to find anything in ‘knowledge base’ that explains these.

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Hey @livelytania!

The knowledge base is still in active development. A team member is still working on more articles that should include an article about cards management. Thanks for checking it first though! In the mean time I’ll be able to answer your questions :smiley:

  • Hibernate: Suspends the card indefinitely. They will not pop up for lessons or reviews anymore at all.
  • Awaken: Does the opposite, it “awakens” the hibernated card so that it comes back into your lessons/reviews again.
  • Demote: Demotes the current SRS Level to a level you choose (say level 7 -> 4).
  • Add to front of lesson queue: Adds the card to the very front of the queue, as in, you will get this card as the very next lesson.
  • Remove from front of lesson queue: Opposite of above, puts it back in regular order.
  • Quick Study: This action lets you “cram” your selected cards. It basically gives you instant reviews for those cards and lets you select how many times you want to review it in that session. This is unrelated to the usual lessons and reviews.
  • Add to known words: Adds the word to your known words list, which is a visual marker that can show you “duplicates” between decks and more. (If a card is marked as known, usually you will not want to study it again in another deck, so you can filter it out easily by hibernating them).

I’m afraid that right now it is not possible to completely bypass the lessons and go straight into reviews for an item (assuming you wish to use the SRS reviews, rather than cramming with quick study). The easiest option is still to add it to your lesson queue and do the lessons, after which you will get the reviews.


Thanks! Exactly what I was looking for.

When it comes to adding words to your lesson queue, you mentioned they get put at the very front of the queue…but I think this is not necessarily the case. If you already have a long ‘queue’ then the newly bumped word doesn’t appear to get put to the very front of the queue. I’m assuming it gets put at the pack of the queue?



Yes, you’re correct. The card gets pushed to the front of the lessons but goes to the end of that queue where previous cards that were pushed to lessons are :slight_smile:

Example: If you have 10 cards in your lessons queue, adding one more will have it be in the 11th place.

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Further to that question, is there any way to see a list of cards currently in your queue?

Like this :slight_smile:

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