Duplicate reviews

This morning, after doing my 4 daily lessons, Kitsun said that I still had one to go through ; weird but why not? Maybe a network request got lost or something 🤷
But now, the timeline displayed 5 items instead of 4 before the review and then I had to answer multiple times the same things :confused: Still, the recap view only displayed 4 items whilst the timeline keeps on showing 5 items for 8 hours from now.

Can an admin dedup my reviews please? :3 (Deck “10k - Kitsun Optimized”)

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I’ve removed the duplicate for you, it should now be back to normal :slight_smile:

That said, this is the first time I’ve ever seen this happen. I’ll try to check the logs to see what exactly caused it, but that’s really odd :open_mouth: If you have any idea what it might have been please let me know.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

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Thank you! :slight_smile:

None at all :confused:

I had instances of reviews not counting as done (I have a lone item somewhere an hour behind the rest of that day lessons because I didn’t realize in time) so I thought it was the same issue (no clue on this one either, seems random and only happened thrice or so) so I was quite surprised to see I had one more review that I should have.

Unfortunately, I do my lessons on my phone while half asleep so I can’t have the dev console open in case it happens again ^^’

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Hmm… That’s definitely weird and does sound like the call is not going through or something similar. Do you do them with the mobile app or just the browser (web version)?

Web version; FF nightly on Android (MIUI 10.5 by xiaomi.eu 9.8.29 with Android 8.1.0; can’t update any longer :crying_cat_face: )

:astonished: I can install the app now! (IIRC, Google Play said my device wasn’t compatible the last time I tried to install it)
I’ll definitively try it over for the next reviews/lessons =)

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Thanks for the info! Please do let me know (if possible) if it happens again so I can take a look asap :smiley:

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