Drop down menu is a "drop up" menu

I accidentally hibernated a card, so I went into “manage deck” to un-hibernate it. I found the card, selected it, and then moved my cursor over the “actions” button. Instead of dropping down a list with options, the list appears above the actions button, with the result being that I’m only able to see and select the bottom option, being “add to known words”.

Here’s a hastily cropped image:

Thanks team.

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I think you’d might as well add it to your known words. It’s a Kitsun trick: now that this has happened, you’ll never forget this word -> you now know it -> Add to known words.

You’re welcome.

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Woops! That’s not supposed to happen. Was the available space below very small perhaps?

Nah, normal size. Not the first time I’ve mistakenly hibernated a card so I was a bit surprised to see it go up instead of down.

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Gotcha, will look into it asap (probably this weekend) as I’m giving the last pushes to the mobile apps as we speak :slight_smile:



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