[Discussion & Feedback] - Wanikani Expansion Pack!

Wanikani Expansion Pack!

Learn common words that aren’t on Wanikani! These words are ordered by WK level, so that you’re able to learn them as you go on with learning your kanji!

Link: https://kitsun.io/store/detail/5e345fd68c7e0a3cff838905

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  • More than 4700 words for you to learn!
  • Modern looks - Kitsun default template integrated!
  • All cards have Part of Speech.
  • All words are tagged by WK level, so you can jump to your current level right away if you wish to!

You can study words:

  • Japanese - Reading
  • Japanese - Meaning
  • English - Japanese

If you wish to deactivate any of the above, you can do so in the deck settings!

How to study:

If you also wish to do English - Japanese, I recommend activating “Delay Card Siblings” in the deck settings (in the Study Session category), as this not only leads to a bigger exposure the content learned, but also avoids having English - Japanese mixed up with Japanese - English (that would spoil you the answer).


Feel free to send me feedback related to the cards through the Send Suggestions feature on Kitsun (actions during reviews). You can also send me general feedback through this thread :slight_smile:

Word list developed by BreadstickNinja.


Nice! Just a quick question, how much does/doesn’t it overlap with for example 10k?


To be honest, I’ve no idea. I tried finding a csv file for the Core 10k/exporting Core 10k from Anki in order to compare lists, but my computer keeps crashing lol.

@hinekidori could u please send me the Core 10k in txt or something so that I can compare?

Related to your question, I highly suspect that these words were extracted initially from the Core 10k, so it might be best to just keep doing that instead. I got this deck and published it due to it being highly popular on another SRS platform (I know WK users that are using it).


I will send you a list sometime today :+1:


So, 2881 cards out of 4736 overlap with Core 10k, which means that there’s 1855 unique words in this deck :slight_smile: Hine suggested me to add tags to the words that overlap with the Core 10k, so that people can quickly hibernate them. I’ll talk with Neic for that, since I think the exporting/importing tool for community decks is deactivated since the redesign ^^

Thank you Hine for helping!


No problem. Keep in mind the Breadstick list has some duplicates of it’s own for different readings. You may have to hunt then down to tag them properly. :+1:


Doing the same as above with tags for JLPT level would also be useful (if applicable). I want to try and avoid duplicates as much as possible, and I’m not using the core 10k atm, just the JLPT lvl decks and would like to know of any overlap! :slight_smile:

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That’s a good idea! In the next days I’ll try to see what I can do to add JLPT, WK and Core 10k tags to the cards :slight_smile: This list was made in 2015, so some cards might exist on Wanikani already.

I also want to use this opportunity to say that I’ve accepted all suggestions sent to this deck through the feedback system :slight_smile:


Curious if sound/speech will be added for the deck?

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I’m confused why there’s no Japanese when I did this review?

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Sorry for the late reply, I try to work for that to happen :slight_smile:

I really can’t find that card through the manage cards table Oo Mind sending me a suggestion through the suggestion system so that I can find the card right away?

The thing is I don’t know what to propose changes, because when I looked at the card from Manage Cards, it’s all right. The thing is when I did the review, why that card was shown to me without the Japanese field/content? :confused:

Also, I couldn’t use Search to find this card, but managed to find it using Levels Advanced Search and looked each card manually.

Thanks mate, I appreciate it!

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Am I missing something (new to Kitsun), or is the order off? I’m getting 絞り込む (which is tagged as Wanikani level 32) as my first lesson, for instance. I can’t change the lesson order method in deck settings.

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Should be fixed now :slight_smile: Sorry about that, had no idea that was the order people were receiving.

Since it’s a community deck, only the user that published it can change that deck settings.

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Got it, many thanks.


Hi there, are there still plans to add Core 10K tags to the cards?



Yup, there are! Sorry for taking so much time. Hopefully I’ll tackle that and other things on this deck this week.

Thank you so much, it will be a much appreciated addition! :slight_smile:

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Hello, so I have a question regarding about the vocab deck. Why does it say ~5700 vocabs (excluding Wanikani’s 6K deck) on Torii-SRS, but it says ~4700 on this specific deck?
Thank you.

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