[Discussion & Feedback] よつばと! - Volume 1

よつばと! - Volume 1 (Discussion Thread)

Link: https://kitsun.io/store/detail/6043c124267d0c0a469e005a

What’s in the deck?

This deck covers vocabulary from the first volume of the Yotsuba&! manga, ordered by first appearance. The vocabulary list (681 words total) is from a reading pack found here. There’s also a book club available on the WaniKani forum. I’ve improved the definitions to be more loyal to the manga and removed any errors it might have contained (typos, duplicate cards, etc).

Why choose this deck?

  • Because Yotsuba is very cute and it’s a nice slice of life.

  • Words are listed in the same order as they show up in the manga.

  • Words are displayed the way they are in the manga in the Notes. For example, the entry for すごい will have すげー in the notes.

  • All words are tagged by chapters. This makes it easy to know where you stand in terms of deck progress, compared to the manga.

  • Index corresponds to the page number where the word appears.

  • I also added an English => Japanese layout for those wanting to practice recall. To deactivate it, go to “Deck settings => Layout Filtering” and deactivate the layout “E => J”.



I need your help!

If you want this deck to keep improving, I’d love your help! You can send me suggestions through the feedback system and they’ll be evaluated in less than 24h!

Here’s some things I’m looking to improve:

  • Improve meanings to be more loyal to the manga.
  • Add missing vocabulary.
  • Add Part of Speech.

Hope you have a good read! :sunflower:


Brilliant! Ever since the Known Word system got introduced I’ve been thinking of doing some exposure decks. I was planning on re-reading Yotsuba, so this is a great first deck to start with. Thank you very much for making this!


You’re welcome! I hope you enjoy it /o/ :grin:


I updated the deck’s cards for この, その, あの and これ, それ, あれ, and added the notes, so hopefully now it will be easier to understand them and answer from ENG to JP :smile:

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Hi @Seyour64! Wanted to ask about your suggestion for えっと card, did you mean to remove the comma between the answers? Right now the accepted answers should be えっと or えーと, not those two together :slight_smile:

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ohh alright I kept getting it wrong when putting them both together and thought it was an error due to the comma or something. So yeah the suggestion was only to remove the comma, but I guess I just didn’t know how to read, so nevermind on that :slightly_smiling_face:

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