[Discussion & Feedback] ゆるキャン△ - Volume 1

ゆるキャン△ - Volume 1 (Discussion Thread)

Link: https://kitsun.io/store/detail/60367790f09b80676124e5f1

What’s in the deck?

This deck covers vocabulary from the first volume of the Laid - Back Camp manga, ordered by first appearance. The vocabulary list (1042 words total) is from a compilation made by the Wanikani community in the Beginner Book Club. I’ve improved the definitions to be more loyal to the manga and removed any errors it might have contained (typos, duplicate cards, etc).

Why choose this deck?

  • The manga makes you feel very cozy.

  • Words are listed in the same order as they show up in the manga.

  • Words are taught the way they are usually written, but displayed in the notes the way they are in the manga. This is to help you go through the book with the list of words.

  • All words are tagged by chapters and by reading week (of the WK Book Club). This makes it easy to know where you stand in terms of deck progress, compared to the manga.

  • Index corresponds to the page number where the word appears.

  • I also added an English => Japanese layout for those wanting to practice recall. To deactivate it, go to “Deck settings => Layout Filtering” and deactivate the layout “E => J”.


I need your help!

If you want this deck to keep improving, I’d love your help! You can send me suggestions through the feedback system and they’ll be evaluated in less than 24h!

Here’s some things I’m looking to improve:

  • Improve meanings to be more loyal to the manga.
  • Add missing vocabulary.
  • Add Part of Speech.

Hope you have a good read! :tent:


No way :open_mouth: I love Yuru Camp, but I never read the manga.
I think I’ll be tempted and add your deck.

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to help you to improve it with my current knowledge but I will do my best :slight_smile:
Thank you !!

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I think the temptation already caught you because I already saw your suggestion :stuck_out_tongue: Accepted it, thanks for sending the feedback! :slight_smile:

If you decide to go for reading the manga, even feedback like “this word is missing” or “this word is actually written like x and not y” will already be pretty good feedback :slight_smile:

Thanks for giving it a try <3

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Hello, I get stuck at one card that when i type the corrrect answer, the card doesnt allow me to finish the lesson.

The card is: do such things as A and B with the answer :“たり~たり” in it.

Is there any workaround with this card?


Fixed it, sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for reporting :slight_smile:


This deck was teaching the words as they were written in the manga, but I changed it to teaching words as they’re usually written. To see how they are displayed in the manga, you can check the notes’ field of the cards :slight_smile:

I did this change because I think it made more sense to learn how words are properly written. You can still check the variations through the notes and follow the vocab list as you go through the manga.