[Discussion & Feedback] しろくまカフェ (Volume 1)

しろくまカフェ (Volume 1) - Discussion Thread

Link: https://kitsun.io/store/detail/602ad60e44c4323c2dd68a5a


What’s in the deck?

This deck covers vocabulary from the first volume of the Shirokuma Cafe manga, ordered by first appearance. The vocabulary list (1044 words total) is from a compilation made by the Wanikani community in the Absolute Beginner Book Club. I’ve improved the definitions to be more loyal to the manga and removed any errors it might have contained (typos, duplicate cards, etc).

Why choose this deck?

  • The manga is hilarious and full of puns - read it.

  • Words are listed in the same order as they show up in the manga.

  • Words are displayed the same way they are in the manga. For example, words commonly written in kanji but displayed in the manga in hiragana will be taught as hiragana. This makes your reading experience easier.

  • All words contain the page and the chapter they’re in as tags. This makes it easy to know where you stand in terms of deck progress, compared to the manga.

  • I also added an English => Japanese layout for those wanting to practice recall. To deactivate it, go to “Deck settings => Layout Filtering” and deactivate the layout “E => J”.


  • Words are tagged by chapter and by page.
  • The page is based on the new edition of the manga (not the old nor the kindle ones).
  • The deck is already ordered by the appearance in the manga.

I need your help!

If you want this deck to keep improving, I’d love your help! You can send me suggestions through the feedback system and they’ll be evaluated in less than 24h!

Here’s some things I’m looking to improve:

  • Improve meanings to be more loyal to the manga.
  • Add missing vocabulary.
  • Add Part of Speech.

Feel free to give suggestions/report anything you might find relevant! :grin::fox_face:

Hope you have a good study session! :open_book: :penguin::bear:


Too many decks I want to do… :rofl:
I’ll sure give it a try soon! Thanks for releasing it!

In your opinion, when is a good time, for a deck like this, to start actually reading the manga? I was wondering this since a few time. Should I read it when all the cards of a chapter are at level 5 (yellow) or should I wait to fire fox?

I’m also studying the deck for 時をかける少女, but reading a few pages every once in a while is too slow so I’m resisting and waiting to at least make the whole deck “yellow”.


I don’t think you need to wait until the cards reach Novice rank actually. As long as you’ve learned them before, it should be fine. Some people actually do the exact opposite: they read first and only then learn the words.

Specifically for this manga, I know it was read by the Absolute Beginner Club on the WK forums, but I don’t find it beginner-friendly at all. It has quite some vocabulary being used (just this deck itself is huge) and it’s full of puns. To understand the puns in this manga, you’d need to know which other word they’re thinking of to make the pun. With a limited vocab, that’s tricky :slight_smile:

But then again, I don’t know your Japanese level so :grin:

Are you struggling with recalling the words? Do you think the deck is missing a lot of vocab? Or is it the grammar? Even if you know everything you’re looking at, it’s important to realize that it’s still a foreign language and that it takes practice to gain a good reading speed, even if we know the content well.

Hope I helped :slight_smile:


@meaniezucchini, sorry for tagging you, but I read you were looking into reading しろくまカフェ, so I decided it was a good opportunity for me to publish this deck :grin: Hope it helps!


Probably this manga is not yet for me then :sweat_smile:

Well, my problem is mostly words recalling. I have a good short-term memory, but a very very bad long-term memory :slight_smile:

Reading something and stopping almost every 2/3 words to reach a vocabulary is frustrating :sweat_smile:

Apart from words that I don’t know, I typically encounter two type of words that I don’t remember:
1 words I don’t see often and forgot about (or maybe are too similar to others)
2 words I see in a different contest

And I think that to solve both problems (and also the “new words” problem) the solution is the same: read a lot (well actually the solution is “immersion”).
This is also why I decided to do some book/manga related deck, to help me in the process.

About 時をかける少女, I bought it something like 5 years ago, and just one month ago I was still struggling reading just the first page. Now after doing half the deck, with my huge surprise, I was able to reach page 5, not without problems, but with just a “few” problems :slight_smile:
But now I decided to leave it for another month, just the time to finish the deck (I mean at least study all the words the first time).

I think that in the last couple of years Satori Reader also helped a lot actually, but having the definition right below the word it not helping me remember the meaning.

In the past I reached level 37/38 of wanikani (I don’t remember exactly) but then I was too overwhelmed with reviews that, after a year, I decided to reset and now I’m level 7 :laughing:

Ugh! Sorry for the long reply, I got carried out :stuck_out_tongue:

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No need to apologize! It’s really nice if you to tag me. :blush: Thank you so much!

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That’s definitely good news :grin: If you decide to read something easier first, you’ll notice how smoother things will feel. 時をかける少女 is definitely not the easiest from the Book Club choices after all :smiley:

How are you doing with learning vocabulary which kanji you haven’t learned yet? Or do you still feel that you can recall some stuff from reaching level 37 on WK in the past?

No worries, I’m the one that I wrote the guide for WK after all. Long texts are my thing too :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes I recall a lot of what I learned with wanikani. Sometimes I’m even surprised when I see a new word, composed of kanji I know, and just looking at it I know how it is pronounced. But if I don’t know the kanji at all, I look at it and invent some kind of menmomic by myself. Actually I did this a lot also with wanikani (especially later, on higher levels) because I found better alternative mnemonic or radical “names” that works better for me.

Which guide is it? Is in the wanikani forum? You made me curious :slight_smile:

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Mhm, I didn’t use any WK mnemonics, so I did create some of my own once in a while :slight_smile: More personal mnemonics seem to work best.

A guide the size of 42 pdf pages :rofl:


Sorry, I won’t be able to reply for a few time.
I have a guide of 42 pages to read :rofl: :rofl:

I just read the first three “chapters” and it is too interesting to leave it there unread. :rofl:


And this is how I make you guys go crazy :joy: