[Discussion & Feedback] 🇺🇸 The United States of America

A deck for the 50 states in the US, and the (United States Census Bureau) regions they are located in. This deck uses an interactive map, so you can either enter the state names, or locate them by clicking on the map.

(This deck uses experimental features of Kitsun, visit the forums if you encounter any issues.)

The deck contains the 50 states and 9 regions of the US, along with statistical data from 2019.

Currently there are two layouts:

  • Marked on Map: a state/region is highlighted on the map, and you have to type in its name
  • Click on Map: you are given the name and must locate and click it on the map

The origin of all data and images are public domain (from Wikipedia/Wikidata).

New features compared to the Japan deck:

  • Flags and seals as images
  • Specific designs for the lessons added

Known issues:

  • The text of a clicked answer (“Clicked on X”) comes from an HTML id, such that spaces are not allowed. So currently it is “New_York”, etc.

Thank you for publishing this! :grin: Loving all the geography decks, really.

One question (and this is probably more to @Neicudi):

Whenever I get an answer with input wrong during lessons and I proceed to overwrite it, it doesn’t let me retype it again. The box doesn’t let me select it even.


Sounds like a Kitsun bug yeah. I’ll try to take care of it soon!

Thanks for taking the time to create and share these decks @acm2010. They are fantastic!


One minor thing is that whenever you get an answer wrong, you get it with _ inbetween words:

So maybe having it as “Clicked on West North Central states” instead could be a nice thing.

The text for the clicked answer comes from an HTML id, so spaces are not allowed.
@Neicudi would have a tune the {{enteredanswer}} a bit to replace _ (or some other char) with a space.


Yeah that seems like the easiest solution for now :slight_smile:


I officially know all states in America :tada: :tada:


@acm2010 I believe I (finally) fixed all of the svg/click card bugs (that impact your awesome geography decks) with the latest update. Sorry it took so long!

P.s. if you look at the community decks landing page (https://kitsun.io/features/community) you might see a familiar sight :smiley: