[Discussion & Feedback] Spanish False Friends (Cognates)

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What are false friends (false cognates)?
In the case of English -> Spanish learners, this covers words in Spanish that look similar to an English word, but don’t actually mean the same. For example, “embarazada” sounds like it would mean “embarassed” but it actually means “pregnant”! There are also words that can mean the same thing, but one or the other has additional meanings that don’t quite line up. For example, “el tipo” can mean “type” but it can also mean “(the) guy/dude”. Likewise, “private” can mean “privado” but it can also mean “soldado raso”.

Is this list comprehensive?
I spent a lot of time trying to find as many as I could, but I’m sure there are many more to add. I’ll keep adding them as I find them. Any community contributions are appreciated!

Future goals for this set?
Other than expanding the list: refining/improving all of the cards in the set (getting rid of redundant cards, narrowing down definitions, so on), maybe adding audio, and expanding the layouts available to study with.

The source of this set’s definitions is the DEM, meaning that all the definitions will be based on Mexican interpretations of each word.