[Discussion & Feedback] Non Non Biyori

If you’d like a comical slice-of-life with a relaxing setting and some good practice for casual and dialectal speech, then のんのんびより is a great choice :blush:

If you have any thoughts or feedback on my のんのんびより vocab deck, this is the place to leave it. This could be:

  • Synonym requests
  • Error reports
  • Extra word suggestions
  • Feedback on the layouts
  • General discussion

This manga was read by the WaniKani Beginner Book Club, so you can find a vocab sheet and grammar discussions there too. I probably wouldn’t recommend it as your first ever manga, due to the aforementioned dialect!



There aren’t too many people using this deck, but I’m just wondering whether anybody would appreciate having the option to be tested on recall (English > Japanese) added in?

Now that we can filter out layouts, it wouldn’t negatively affect those who don’t care about testing recall, but I don’t know whether anybody actively wants this option to be included. I’ll probably add it eventually so that it’s consistent with my other decks, but it will take effort and there are other things I could be working on with my decks right now :wink:


I would o/

I bought the first vol! I just have other stuff to read first, but I’ll get there :slight_smile:


I’ll prioritise adding more words to the Aria deck, but then I’ll add the recall layout to this deck.

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Deck Layouts Update

I will shortly be pushing an update to this deck which will add the RECALL LAYOUT (English > Japanese) to all appropriate cards.

Don’t worry if you don’t want this layout! As a deck user you can filter out whichever layouts you want.

For those that do use the recall layout, please let me know if you have any feedback, especially on things like how to better differentiate cards for recall. Unlike my other decks this layout has been added a later point, so I haven’t thought as closely about how to make sure cards are distinguishable.