[Discussion & Feedback] Natsume Yuujinchou (Volume 1)

Natsume Yuujinchou (Volume 1) - Discussion Thread

Link: https://kitsun.io/store/detail/5c464e522b18830b96f9a427


What’s in the deck?

This deck covers vocabulary from the first volume of the Natsume Yuujinchou manga, ordered by first appearance. The vocabulary list (378 words total) is from the compilation made by the Wanikani community in the Beginner Book Club (you guys <3).

Why choose this deck?

  • The manga is awesome - read it.

  • Words are listed with the same order as they show up in the manga.

  • Words are displayed the same way they are in the manga. For example, words commonly written in kanji but that are displayed in hiragana in the manga will be taught as hiragana. This makes your reading experience easier.

  • Dictionaries like Jisho, Weblio and Goo are at the distance of a single click.

  • All words contain Part of Speech (Noun, adjective, etc) - 30% done.

  • All words contain the page and the chapter they’re in as tags. This makes it easy to know where you stand in terms of deck progress, compared to the manga.

  • I also added an English => Japanese layout for those wanting to practice recall. To deactivate it, go to “Deck => Edit deck => Layout Filtering” and deactivate the layout “EN => JP”.

Some images:





What’s coming next?

  • Fix some duplicated cards.
  • Improve meanings to be more loyal to the manga.
  • Add clickable links for some references to the note section.
  • Add missing vocabulary.

I want to thank @hinekidori for allowing me to use a template version 100% based on his own (I’m shameless). I also want to thank @neicul for helping me modifying the template (he’s shameless too).

Feel free to give suggestions/report anything you might find relevant! :grin::fox_face: