[Discussion & Feedback] - Kitsun JLPT N5 Deck

Hi all JLPT exam takers!

Please use this thread to discuss anything related to the official Kitsun N5 community deck.

Topics can include:

  • General Feedback & Discussion
  • Synonym requests
  • Fixes
  • Suggestions

We hope you enjoy the deck!

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(linking my post here because it technically applies to both the N4 and N5 decks):

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I noticed that this thread was pretty old, but is it still where questions about this current deck go?

I’m wondering how the development of this deck will work. Right now I saw that it is based on the tanos set of words, and I’m curious how much the deck might be able to be enriched by adding words included in other lists as well. Since there really isn’t a definitive/exhaustive release of what is and isn’t on the test, would there be a way that if I dive into different lists and what not would that potentially be helpful to the JLPT series of decks?

Are you thinking about branching this out to include a Kanji or Grammar deck as well? I know you’re one person, so I’m really asking more so to figure out what your direction is and how I can help without crossing into the territory of nagging and airing more on the side of contributing. When I see things in decks, is it more helpful to post in the forum or propose a change on the card itself?


This thread is for the old N5 deck, but I guess it’s fine to use it for the new one as well ^^

If you feel like any words are missing I can add them to the deck manually. If you have feedback about existing cards please use the suggestion system inside Kitsun as it is super easy to implement those changes :slight_smile: I don’t consider feedback/contribution as nagging at all. No worries there! :smile:

As for additional JLPT decks: I currently have N5-N1 kanji almost ready to go. Grammar is more difficult as that requires much more effort to do well.



Ok awesome sauce! I’ll do that then. Thank ya thank ya!