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So a few weeks ago I tried out Memrise to see if it would be something for me, and immediately decided that I hate it. I’m sure it’s a good website, just definitely not for me. However, there were some good sets on there that I wanted to take. One of those sets is the Japanese Programming Vocab set, apparently originally posted on Imabi and then turned into a Memrise by Persona4Yu. To be honest, I wish I could have found the original set because reformatting it from Memrise into an actually good format was a bit of a pain. :sweat: Fortunately, I’m pretty good at doing this kind of stuff by now, and I’ve made some patchwork programs to make the process a bit quicker.

There are also a couple other sets I took from Memrise & Anki, as well as my own that I am considering publishing.

Since people might want to use this set’s info for other things outside of Kitsun, you can get the excel file I made for it here. If you don’t have excel, google docs can open excel files (I actually had to use it to convert into .tsv)

If you use this list for other things, I would appreciate credit (along with the others who helped make this Kitsun set possible) :slight_smile:

General Programming Vocabulary in Japanese

This set is not meant to teach you how to do programming. Either hibernate terms you don’t understand or try to learn what they are.

Why study this set? While programming languages are mainly in English, that doesn’t mean every programmer speaks English (or speaks it well). Beyond that, Japanese programmers might leave comments in Japanese that use these terms, like important instructions you’ll need to understand. This set contains around 400 key terms to help you have fluent conversations with your Japanese programming peers.

Is this set specific to any one programming language? As far as I know, the terms in this set aren’t based around any one programming language.

Will this set be receiving updates in the future? For the most part, no. There most likely will only be a few style and ease of use changes if needed. However, feel free to send in any comments/suggestions/corrections for the words in the set, which I will review ASAP.

Credits: Original List from Imabi. Adapted from “Japanese Programming” Memrise by Persona4Yu.


Took a look and it has a really cool layout! Thanks for sharing :smiley:

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