[Discussion & Feedback] Japanese foods

So as the description stated, this deck was posted with the permission of the original deck creator. As such the contents are not my work, however some work was done with the help of @Neicudi in order to get the layout looking decent!

Why did I choose this deck? Well learning a language is a lesson in culture. All too often, I find myself reading or whatching a piece of Japanese media, and find myself lost or wanting to research whatever it they are eating. I hope this deck will give new learners some undersanding of these new and wonderful food words that they may not have previously been exposed to, and for which regular vocab decks may not do them justice!

Only one card has been altered by myself as I believed its contents to be incorrect.

If there are any issues or your have any feedback/suggestions/errors please let me know, and I will update the deck as soon as I am able.


This seems like a pretty good deck, thanks for posting :grin:

Is the underlined text the copyright? for the pictures :thinking:

I’d also recommend posting the link of the deck on this thread, so that people here on the forums can easily access the deck itself :slight_smile:

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Yeah, originally the ‘link’ was a hyperlinked text to the source, but apparently the format didn’t carry over during the import, it would have taken me far too long to take it out, or to edit the original deck to collapse the formatting so I just left it as is. The rest of the info is for the copyright owner :slight_smile:


Cool way of presenting it :ok_hand: It’s a big headache to find fitting pictures for something that is copyright free. Adding a small message like that solves the issue ^^


Aaaa nice deck :heart_eyes: :heart:


Thanks for sharing ^^ Handy deck :smiley:


This is just what I have been looking for! Just the other day I was making a Quizlet set with a bunch of popular Japanese foods. I love the images in the deck, they really breath some life into my studies! :smile: Besides, if they weren’t there, this set would be so much harder to understand. :sweat_smile: I don’t know if this is possible, but my one suggestion would be to add the option to activate typing in the readings. Looking at a word and seeing if I can recall what’s on the other side is good enough, but just the act of typing in the food name would help me remember them better.

Regardless, this is an awesome deck, thanks for sharing!

I did experiment with making a reverse deck with the input, where an image of the food was shown and the text prompt asked for the name of the food. Unfortunately I found that it didn’t really add to anything the deck offered :sweat:at least for myself.

Maybe it would be more useful for the exclusively Japanese foods, :thinking: but I didn’t feel like the recalling what a food was from a single image to be effective, or be a skill worth relying on when learning in this manner, as you’d be only associating the answer with that one image provided, whereas in the wild, you would ideally have hundreds of exposure events to that food that would help build your discrimination confidence (and I unfortunately don’t have hundres of images of each food available to test that :sweat_smile: ) so didn’t think anyone else would find it useful either!

Perhaps a better option would be to work with the descriptions of the food/preparation method instead? Kinda like jeopardy? Give the description and type what the food/preperation method is? That way you can at least strengthen and test your memory of the different factors that define that food, so you can work on your discrimination that way when you’re eventually exposed to the food and recall the definition?

I’ll take a look at it this weekend and see what looks good :slight_smile:

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Thankyou all so much! ^^ I’m glad you find it useful!

If you could rate it and let others know about it that’d be really cool :sunglasses::blush::heart:


@Buscadon @Whologist I am currently working on adding reverse cards using a modified version of the descriptive of the food in question that requires the user to input the name of the food! These will be in addition to the current recall cards, and from my testing, I think it actually really helps!

I’m gonna keep it limited to the unique Japanese/East Asian food cards, as I don’t really see much benefit in being able to reproduce チーズバーガー for example from the description (a burger with cheese) when there are katakana decks out there that do it better already! And the main purpose of this deck is to build familiarity with Japanese cuisine after all.

I have quite a few cards to edit descriptions for, but the templates are made, so hopefully, it shouldn’t take me more than a few weeks!


Best of luck with that, I can’t wait! I agree, physically typing in the names really help put it in your brain. As I believe you said before, it’s not going to help with the fact that one picture isn’t going to describe all versions of the food, but it will at least help to get the idea of the food associated with the name.