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[Japanese Conjugations]

It contains a list of approximately 500 verbs set up to run through 17 conjugation forms. Irregular verbs are not currently included, since I have to set them up a little differently.

I will be updating with additional forms so stay tuned!

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We hope you enjoy the deck!

As a bonus here is a gif of a card in action.


Thanks for the deck, I really like it! But I get quite a bit irritated when using it :slight_smile:

The problem is that you have to parse all over the card to find out what you need to enter. I look at the verb. “Put in”, so 入れる (or was it 入る …). Great, let’s see … “Positive” … there is also the “(probably)”, oh, now I must check if it was formal or not …

I only unlocked a few conjugation types and I already constantly start entering the wrong thing and correct it. My idea is to add some easy to see colored boxes at least for positive/negative and formal/informal that is easy to see and doesn’t require reading. Switching between the Japanese solution and English instructions is really wearing me down.

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Hmm, so different colored backgrounds for positive/negative?

I’m not sure about a color representation of formality. What if I placed “formal/informal” above the meaning? Or I could possibly change the font color to represent formality? Or maybe the black bar changes color based on formality?

I will play around with it some.

I was thinking about several lights in a row like a traffic light, either the color or on/off can be used.

Thinking about it, maybe an icon like a butler and Hawaii shirt or something may be good too. Or a red shirt/ green shirt as a combination?

As long as I don’t have to read something it’s good.

Having the (probably) in front is already a good step, otherwise I would have to think all the time what “Presumptive” was again …

Actually I have the positive/negative built into the English conjugation like with (probably)

So it should look like the following. Except for the fact that I missed placing it in the card. Sorry about that. Let me know if you come across any others.

If that is suitable for the positive/negative I can probably just change the background color for more formal stuff.

How about this for a background color for formal/polite? Purple is considered a royal color right? Sounds formal to me.


Sounds great, and won’t drive colorblind people up the walls :slight_smile:

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Can the furigana be shown alongside the kanji of each word?

That way people who don’t know how to spell each word can learn how to do that.

It’s actually there as a hover. So if you hover over with the mouse cursor or tap the kanji if you are on mobile, the furigana will appear.

I figured this was a nice compromise between who do/don’t require the furigana



Oh, I see. It didn’t occur to me to try to do that.

Thanks so much for the deck. I will really help to drill these conjugations :slight_smile:

Just one question. You have tagged the cards with form2, form3, …
Is there a list, which form number is which form? That would be helpful for unlocking new forms, as I study the grammar.


I would also greatly appreciate it if these forms could be renamed so I could filter conjugations I know!

I have a question regarding this conjugation deck, the まあい, is that a typo or is that an actual grammar point? I only know of まい but never heard of まあい、if anyone knows please reply! :smiley:


Loving this deck! However, is it meant to work with kanji input? For some reason, when I am typing out my answers, it only marks correct when I type in hiragana.

Overall: I love this deck! It was just what I needed for helping to internalize verb conjugations.

I came to this thread with the same question as ChocoMuffin, though. I know that the negative volitional is basically just literary anyway, but when I have seen it on conjugation charts it’s been always まい, not まあい?

Any chance you could weigh in on まい vs まあい for the casual negative volitional, @hinekidori?

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Same question here. I guess the thing to do is turn off “Volitional - Plain Negative” layouts to avoid getting まあい. Can’t find any other reference to it online.

Hi! Wanted to give this deck a try but none of my answers are marked as correct - tried with both hiragana and kanji. Am I missing something?

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I’ve got the same problem as kuirin. I’ve been using the deck for the last couple of months and found it very useful, but for the last few days every answer I’ve submitted has shown as incorrect, even though my submission reads exactly the same as the correction. I’ve tried using my Japanese keyboard as well as kanji but all have the same problem. Must be a bug in the deck? It’s a shame because I was really enjoying using it before

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@kuirin @Beansoe

About 10 hours ago I put a new update live with some bugfixes regarding Japanese input. This might be happening because of that. I’ll give it a look right now to see if that’s causing it!

Yep, making another change as we speak and it should work again in a little bit once the hotfix deployment is done. Sorry about that!

Has the deployment finished? I’m on the 10k deck and now can’t enter any japanese answers. Audio questions and english answers work, but when I try to enter an answer in japanese and hit enter, nothing happens and I just get the below error in the console:

When I say japanese I mean something like this:

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