[Discussion & Feedback] Guitar Chords Set

Diagrams and audio of 319 guitar chords to help recognition

Get the set here

It is highly recommend to activate Deck Settings → Study Session → Autoplay Back Audio

Why study this set?
This set is made for people who want to improve their recognition of guitar chords and practice. You’ll practice listening, remembering the fingering, and you can even practice strumming the chord on your own (and compare it to the audio / diagram).

Will this set be receiving updates in the future?
Maybe. It might receive corrections if there happens to be anything wrong. More likely the main changes will be in styling/formatting. It’s a bit barebones for now, but it gets the job done.

*This set is based off Rein Owader’s set on Anki. Thank you for all your hard work making the audio and diagrams!!! *

This set is a bit barebones right now in terms of styling, but that’s okay! It has everything it needs, and I don’t really have much time to go through and make a specialized style for it. Hope other guitar players find it useful, and if anyone has any suggestions on what I could add, just let me know!


Neat deck. Something kind of minor I noticed in the deck settings was this extra layout for “Japanese -> Readings - Dark”

pics or it didn't happen


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Thanks for letting me know! I just fixed the issue and pushed the update. Looks like I had a dummy template activated, so I just got rid of it.

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Oh my goodnes, buscadon, you’re a genius!!!

I would like to make one for ukulele if you don’t mind :grin:


No problem, go ahead! Sounds like a nice set.
I’m pretty happy with this set right now because chords are my weakest point while I’m learning the guitar. I have trouble switching in between them quickly mainly because I don’t really remember them yet :joy: I have a lot more muscle memory for power chords and single notes than like full chords.

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