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Just a basic question, but since you are (manually?) adding vocab to cards, I was wondering if you could make the complete list (of vocab) available at some point?
My idea would be to add vocab words as I guru KitFox the base kanjis (WK style).

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That shouldn’t be too hard once we have functionality to export or manipulate data as creators. But I can’t see a reason why I wouldn’t do that in the future. The content will already be collected by then. :+1:

Another thing to beg @neicudi for!



It would be wonderful if we could utilize the incoming level system for this deck. Like, add 10 kanji per level -> vocab for those kanji in the next level -> repeat :smile:


I’m not ready to tackle this deck yet but it looks awesome! As of yesterday, I hibernated all the cards and I’m just awakening kanji I come across that are not in WK so I can study them later.

Here are a couple I couldn’t find in the the BWKK deck:
, , , , ,,,,

I didn’t check what’s in 常用漢字 or N1 but I thought at least 涎, 吃, 皺 seemed the most useful but I may be wrong.

For future use, I’d like to prioritize by usefulness…not sure if I want to go through the whole deck randomized but perhaps it’s already organized by priority. Are there suggestions to approach this so I can put the most rare cards in the distance future? BTW, not sure what this number means in the corner of each card

Edit: added kanji

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