Deleting Cards Error


On some of my decks I have imported I have realized that I cannot delete individual cards in them. I keep getting this error:


I don’t really understand what this messaging means or how to fix this so that I can delete the cards I need to delete. I have tried deleting the cards while the deck has been both published and unpublished.

Any ideas?


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Hiya! Could you let me know which deck(s) you are trying to delete cards from?

Did you import them through one of the import features (anki/csv/tsv/txt files) or do you mean that you got them from the community center?

Hi @Neicudi! The deck is this one:

I created the deck myself through importing a .txt file.

Appreciate your insight!

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Ah, that definitely sounds like a small permissions bug then. Seems like I’ve made the deletion rules a bit too strict with the latest update. I’ll let you know once I got a fix for it (I expect tomorrow :slight_smile: )

Sorry for the inconvenience!

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Thanks @Neicudi - can you please let me know when that update goes live?



Sorry, ran out of time today, I’ll try to get it fixed in the morning.

If the cards bother you (as in, show up in lessons and such), you could hibernate them for now and then delete them later.

I’ll keep you posted!

@RDTJ is the deck name “Chapter 8” by any chance? That deck is published to the community centre, which would explain why you can not delete cards from it.

Not being able to delete cards from the Community Centre (original linked) decks is a protective measure for when someone’s account might be compromised. If a hacker would delete all cards and publish an update to the community centre, it would mean wiping out all cards and progress of everyone already using that community deck.

If it is that deck, then there’s two options right now:

  • I can unpublish the deck for you as it has no users yet, then you have full control again and perhaps can publish it at a later date

  • You can give me a list of cards you want deleted and I’ll remove them from both the original and the community copy of the deck.

If it is not that deck, something else might be going wrong.

Hey @Neicudi - Thanks for explaining that. Can you please unpublish the deck? I only published it to see if that would allow me to delete it given I didn’t understand how it worked before.

While this is happening on Chapter 8 deck, all of my other Chapter decks are not published and are still getting that same error when I try to delete cards.

Any idea on the solve for this one? Appreciate how responsive and helpful you have been!


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Ah I see, I’ll unpublish it and take a look at the other decks to see what is causing the issue. Will keep you updated! Again, sorry for the inconvenience :sweat_smile:

Found the problem, will be fixed with todays update. Also unpublished the deck for you.

Sorry for the wait.

P.s: If you don’t want to wait, you can delete cards through the actions dropdown of the cards table itself, as that one does work. Only the card edit popup delete action is not working until the update lands later today.

Edit: Update is live :slight_smile:

It works perfectly now @Neicudi! Thanks so much :slight_smile:

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@Neicudi- can you please further explain or point me to a resource that explains published vs unpublished decks?

I want to share the decks I made with my classmates…can I do so if they are unpublished or do they have to be published? What if I publish them and then one of my classmates finds a mistake on a card? As the creator of the deck can I edit that card for everyone?

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My understanding is that once you publish the deck, It will be in the Community Center. That means your classmates will be able to download the deck from the CC and if they find any mistakes they can edit the card and hit “Propose Changes” to give you a notification with their suggestion. You make the fix, and it’ll update for everyone. :slight_smile:

I don’t think you can share the unpublished deck, unless there is an export feature. It’d be better done published though even if that was a choice.

@techneko is correct, thanks! :smiley:

As the help/guide/knowledge centre is still due for a complete rework, I’m afraid there is no resource that explains everything right now. But I can explain the gist of it:

  • Only published decks can be shared
  • These published decks can be updated through the original deck. At the same spot where you would publish a deck (deck settings), you will now have a “Update” button which checks for changes in your original (current) deck and updates the published deck (the one everyone is using) to be exactly like your original deck.
  • Theres two ways to edit the cards for a published deck:
    • Edit them manually in the original deck -> publish an update for everyone
    • Accept or reject feedback sent in by users of your published deck (through the suggestion system). Once you accept feedback, the card is immediately changed for everyone (and in both decks).
  • Card Deletion from original/published decks is not possible due to the security risks associated with it. If your account (as an author of a published deck) were to get compromised, the hacker would be able to delete all cards and wipe the progress for everyone using the published deck. Because of that reason, it currently isn’t possible to delete cards from published decks.
  • That said, I can actually delete cards for you from both decks, and I’ve been thinking about making a “request system” where you can mark cards as “to be deleted” and I can manually accept it (obviously I’d reject it if a whole deck gets requested to be deleted).

I think that so far, this would be the best solution regarding published card deletion, but it does give me more manual work than I’d like (and make it process dependant on me). So if anyone has another solution/idea I’d love to hear it! :smiley:

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