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Have there been any changes to the Default Kitsun Layouts - Non-Input? I’m trying to add new cards but I can’t find the layout I always use for this deck.

What this deck uses:

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I’ve replaced those with new non-input layouts (under the Japanese/Russian/General templates) and marked the old template as deprecated, meaning it is hidden by default.

If you still wish to use the deprecated templates, you can turn on the ‘show deprecated templates’ setting on the user settings page, after which they will show up again. Of course, if you card is already using the template, it will show up regardless.

The change will be described in today’s patch notes. Sorry about the confusion :sweat_smile:


Great, this works! I see that I prefer having the new defaults going forward for new decks so I think it’s just a matter of switching when necessary for this particular deck which is pretty easy to do.

On a separate issue + deck but sort of related, I’m looking to convert an anki import to the recent Kitsun Japanese->English - Non Input. Its looks a million times better on individual card edit however I can’t figure out how to mass edit the whole deck as the only layout option is the original ‘Card1’ from the author (Manage Cards > Actions > Set Layouts). Is there an option I’m missing or way to save preferred layout for it pick?

Sorry for all the questions, I haven’t tried many anki imports!

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Great to hear ^^

A layout is bound to a specific template. In order to do what you want, you’d have to change the template to the default Kitsun one. However, it currently is not possible to mass change templates. I have been working on implementing this functionality before (around January) but temporarily had to put it on the backburner for a bit.

That said, I have a rework of the anki import on my “very high priority” list right now, and it would allow you to select the correct templates/layouts before you import the deck. Here’s what I posted about the incoming update:

Does your anki deck contain media? Otherwise you might be able to export it as csv/txt (from within anki) and use the csv/txt import of Kitsun to import the deck into your own layouts/templates.

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Thank you, I though I was missing something but I forgot about this update note! No media but I’m not in a rush so if you have any coming updates, I will check it out then!

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