Default layouts for dictionary import

Hi! I just found last week and am excited that there finally seems to be an SRS website that I like :heart_eyes: Currently figuring out how the system works.

I’m making my own deck with words I encountered that I don’t know yet. So I’m using the Dictionaries tab to search for the unknown word, and then I add it as a card to my deck. I’m using the Default Kitsun Layouts - Vocabulary template for my deck, and I want those cards to have three layouts (Japanese -> Readings, Japanese -> English, and English -> Japanese). Unfortunately it seems that the Generate Flashcard button adds only Japanese -> Readings and Japanese -> English, so not English -> Japanese. Is it possible to make it so that English -> Japanese is also added automatically? What determines which layouts are added automatically?

I already figured out that with the Custom Flashcard button, you can pick manually which layouts you get, but that is not very convenient :wink:


Once you go through the custom flashcard flow once, the browser should remember your settings through the cookies, so you can pretty much just click the next button to generate the cards that you want.

So basically if you set it to use those three layouts, it will remember it next time and let you just generate the card right away, just like the default button would :slight_smile:

I am the one that decides which layouts are default, but I don’t think that is an issue if you set up the custom flow once?

Please try it out with a few cards and let me know if this works like you’d want it to. Also feel free to ask if you hit any other problems!


Hi Neicudi, I too would like this. I started with your JLPT decks, which have all 3 layouts (perfect), but then for my own custom deck it doesn’t test English->Japanese. So I figured out how to add layouts from Manage Cards, but it’s a pain to keep doing that whenever I add a new card. Then I found this post, but when using Custom Flashcard you have to click through 3 screens instead of 1 in Default Flashcard.

The way I usually add cards is when I’m reading the news and see a word I don’t know I look it up via Dictionary and add it; I’m able to keep that up because it’s fast and doesn’t interrupt the flow of my reading much. Clicking through 3 screens is a bit too intrusive. Would really appreciate having all 3 layouts (as done in your JLPT decks) as the Default Flashcard, or at least as an option, whether in global settings or in cookies for Default Flashcard itself.

Thanks very much!

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I think having a toggle in the popup or a global setting would work well, I’ll put it on the todo list :smiley:

Thanks! Looking forward to it.