Deck Request: Yotsubato! Vocab

I expected there to be one made already, but I can’t find any. I can’t figure out how to port the anki deck to Kitsune and have it work properly, so even if someone can do that, it’d be greatly appreciated.

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Oh wow :joy: I’m finishing up the work with the Yotsuba’s vocab for volume 1 right now! I actually was procrastinating on it for a couple of days, so I have to do it now, thanks! xD

I’m in the middle of editing the meanings to be more coherent, so I’ll try to publish it in 1-2 days :eyes:


Ah, thank you so much, I’ve been trying to read it, but I have a huge blindspot for it’s vocab! I’m looking forward to your deck!


@wonekone aaaand it’s published! Please feel free to send me suggestions through Kitsun or in this thread, I’ll appreciate any help^^ Hope you enjoy it! :smile: I read this manga as my first one and really liked it. I hope this vocab deck is gonna help more people to read it now :heart_eyes:


I wonder if @wonekone has special powers to get deck requests in less than 24 hours. :laughing:

Or maybe @FlamySerpent is a genie :thinking:


Aww such a gif! Also yess omg, I was working on it for a couple of days already, and then I stopped for a couple more when I got this thread right in the morning when I woke up :joy: @wonekone posted this literally 8 mins after I got up xD I had to finish it quick :eyes: