Deck Import forcing Info for All Categories

While importing a vocab set for Japanese vocab, the manual import seems to be making me choose one of the pieces of data to serve every role. This is a problem b/c I don’t have information beyond the word, reading, and meaning, but I am forced to provide something for things like the sentence, audio, etc. Is there any way to stop it from doing this?

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Heya! A hotfix for this is on its way! The last update introduced a small bug in the select box, which is the reason for this behavior. I’ll probably be able to hotfix it later today! :sweat_smile:

Sorry about that!

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Should be good to go now! You might need to reload the page to see the change though (if you had the tab still open).

Thanks for the prompt fix! But I am not TheSuicidalMuffin?


Oh my, I mixed two threads up. Sorry :sweat_smile:

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