Customize typo tolerance

Hello all, Japanese newbie here.

Is it possible to customize (increase) the typo tolerance in Kitsun? I often find myself omitting an extended vowel character as I work through the Genki Complete Vocabulary deck. For example, そですか instead of そうですか, which is marked as incorrect. As I’m learning for personal reasons and am unlikely to use Japanese in a professional setting I’m unconcerned about minor errors.

The typo tolerance for English-language responses seems to be higher, e.g., for アメリカ an accepted response is “Ameria.” Perhaps the Japanese-language spellcheck is stricter than the English-language one?


I don’t think that’s a good idea, to be honest. The typo tolerance for English exists because it’s the language being used to learn, so it’s assumed that you’re fluent in it. On the other hand, allowing mistypes for your target language will only lead to creating bad habits. For example, there’s plenty of kanji vocabulary that starts with そう. If you allow yourself to just type そ, your keyboard will never give you the kanji word you’re looking for. Not to mention that そ is different than そう, as the latter is an elongated sound.

You don’t need to want to use Japanese in a professional setting to be this precise about Japanese in my opinion. Every Japanese native would correct you if you were to type そですか just like you would if someone that was learning English typed “is tat it?” :slight_smile:

If it’s indeed a typo (and not an actual misconception of you thinking そ is correct when it’s not), you can click on the bottom right button during reviews to undo your answer.

Hope I made it clear for you :slight_smile:


I appreciate your honest and thoughtful response :slightly_smiling_face:

I hadn’t considered that this error will mean that the keyboard won’t give me the right kanji in the future. Coupled with the fact that my errors are mostly systematic (omitting elongated vowels) rather than random, I’ll stick with the current settings and mark this as solved.