Customising what types of cards come first during reviews

Is there a way to, for example, specifically set English -> Japanese cards to appear first during reviews? I often find that when other types of cards/layouts appear first (e.g. Japanese -> Reading) , it kinda messes with the whole point of production.


Hey @Brad!

There are a few re-order options available during reviews but these don’t seem to entirely match what you are asking for (you can sort by layout either ASC/DESC, depending on how many layouts your deck has this might work though). This can be accessed through the cogwheel icon on the top-right during reviews.

Something that might help prevent the spoiling of the production would be to enable “Blur Spoilers” in the deck settings. If your card layouts support it, this will blur out anything that could spoil the next question and also prevent the audio from autoplaying to prevent it from spoiling the next question. Whether this works depends on whether the card/layout author has implemented the syntax for it. The Kitsun default layouts all support it though (so for example all cards created with the dictionary tool).

Let me know if that helps!

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Thank you for replying !

Hmm perhaps I could provide an example?

For example, I learnt the word 義務 today and set the 3 layouts for the card (Japanese -> Meaning + Japanese -> Reading + English -> Japanese ). If the “Japanese -> Meaning” comes before the “English -> Japanese” during reviews, I would already have sort of revised 義務 and would, for that reason, probably get the “English -> Japanese” layout correct. Thereby messing with the production.

I’m sorry if I confused you : (


Ah in that case, this might work:

The blur spoilers part would indeed not work here. If the above also doesn’t work for you then I’m afraid we currently do not have a re-order option available that would fix your problem.

Let me know if it works!

Why doesn’t Sibling Card delay resolve this?

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You’re right, that would definitely solve this problem! Although it does have the side-effect that you can’t finish the complete review until after the delays are done.

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I think that is ok, if not a preferable mechanism so there is that interval spread. If reviews are done daily, then progress will move forward with the mix of delays and new reviews and I think satisfied OPs request. Though I can’t think of a reason to ever have Eng->Jp first as per the example, this is just a harder leap than meaning/reading a bit less efficient…I think it was just to prevent the spoiling effect mentioned though.

Admittedly, I don’t use the delay feature (maybe I should :thinking:) but the SRS naturally rotates the first card layout for each review session and the SRS will filters it with all my mistakes. Plus the review rotation in a big pile of 100+ reviews (which I usually have) throws many beginning reviews at the end of the session on sibling cards so it doesn’t feel like cheating in that respect (because I still get it wrong in many cases even if I just saw it :blush:). Kitsun easily has the best Eng->Jp format IMO because it locks the progress of the card and I think I get a better Master/Expert rate by putting in time Eng->Jp with plenty failures early even if I see all layouts in a single session. Perhaps others have different experiences with the sibling delay feature enabled, it could be even more efficient than w/o than I realize.

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