Creating my own decks

If I’ve overlooked the answer to this, I apologize. I’d been trying out Zorbi for a while, and while I really like it, I came across Kitsun and thought I’d give it a shot. In Zorbi I’ve been creating cards for the TTMIK lessons and I’d like to do that here. However, I can’t figure out how to make my own cards in Kitsun - I can figure out how to create a folder, so…uh…I guess that’s a start >.>

If someone could help me out or point me to a guide, I’d be grateful.



Making folders are good for organizing decks when you have a lot of them, just FYI. If you are just starting and just have a few decks, I would bother. I assume you just want dictionary builds from Kitsun, because there are options of importing csv files or anki decks as well.


Create a deck. I highly recommend you mining deck as your first deck you create just for convenience on the list.

The dictionary defaults to ‘vocab’ but keep in mind you can switch it to ‘kanji’ on the drop-down menu

You are left with the option to create a default or custom card. Unless you have a specific template or project in mind, I recommend the default. Additionally, you can always change your template in the deck manager later if preferred. My personal preference, I 've using custom templates more for imports than actually dictionary generated…but to each their own.

The deck you made should be on the list for place to put your card:

And that is it! :kithappy:

If you are adding tags for filtering, you can add them in the your card or any other additions (will hold tag value if in same browser). You can set your layout at time of card generation (Jp->Reading, Jp->Meaning, Eng->Jp) but I prefer to do in in deck manager when finalizing a deck, I find it easier.

There are a few mining extensions available as well where you just highlight a word and send it to the Kitsun dictionary:


Fire Fox


Thank you for the reply, that’s helpful. However, when I look in dictionary I only see two Japanese options. If I’m learning Korean is it possible to make my own deck.

Thank you again.


I believe Korean, Chinese and Russian were top of the list for dictionary integration and has been talked about for a number of years now but I don’t know the latest status, sorry! But it is listed on Kitsun’s road map, so maybe 2022? If you go on Kitsun’s Discord channel, you can see what is in active development or get a response here.


Welcome! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

If you wish to create your own cards, you can do so by creating a deck (as stated above) and then clicking on the “add card” button on the deck dashboard page. This wil then open a popup where you can select a template (Kitsun has a default template for Korean with automatic IME conversion (so no need to activate your IME as it will automatically translate your keypresses to the corresponding korean key).

Here’s a picture of what you’d probably want to select:

Hope that helps a bit!


Thanks for the help!
I figured out where I was going wrong - I was creating a folder instead of a deck. >.>

I guess my next question is how do I move decks to a folder?
Like, if I create vocab lessons for each of the levels, how would I move the level decks to a master folder? (Hope that makes sense.)

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If you created a folder you can drag the lesson decks into it by first enabling drag in the top-right corner (the toggle).

I’d personally say it might be easier to create one deck and then tag the cards with the according lesson levels instead. Mainly because you can lose track of all the decks you are currently working on when they all have reviews coming up for months in the future. If “gating” the content of lessons is an issue, you can work around that by hibernating (indefinitely suspending) all higher level lesson cards so they won’t pop up in your lesson stack by default until you awaken them again.