Copying community deck to personal deck

First of all I’ve been enjoying studying on this site quite a lot so far, so thank you for all the continuous effort put into it!

I would like to request the ability to copy a community deck to a personal deck, so one is able to edit cards themselves and add / remove cards from the deck.

I’ve been using @hinekidori 's fantastic 10k deck for studies, but often found myself getting reviews wrong due to words carrying the same meanings or pronunciation and there not being any annotations in the original deck, which allow to distinguish between them. I know you can request changes, but often those never get picked up by the author or you would have to propose them for hundreds of cards, just to suit your own needs, which I don’t think is viable.

As mentioned in other threads, there is the synonym feature and there is also the notes feature, but for many decks, the author did not add the notes to be displayed on the cards, which doesn’t really help if you still get the card wrong to then be able to see the note afterwards, as it does not serve as an aid to get the correct answer. It’s also questionable if some authors will ever add this to their deck or if they are still active at all on this site, making a lot of good decks a lot worse than they actually are. Synonyms also don’t help in my use case, as I don’t want to get いつか(五日) correct when typing in the meaning as “some time” just for the sake of correctness, because there is no way for me to distinguish between them and my last resort is to just accept that and add a synonym for the other meaning. I would like to edit the card myself and add that as a hint on it, problem solved.

Sometimes verb cards in that particular deck have a “to” attached to the English meaning, sometimes they don’t, which leads to incorrect answers, which should actually be correct and no one wants to have to remember which cards the author put the “to” in and which not on top of the reading, the meaning etc. just for getting the review right. If I was able to copy the deck and make it a personal one I could easily fix this myself without having to 3 times add a synonym to the card during review when I inevitably get it wrong by missing the “to”.

In short I would like to be able to fully duplicate the current state of a community deck I’m studying with all study progress on the cards to a standalone personal deck that has no soft- or hardlinks to the community deck. I’ve read somewhere about this being on the todo list but needing some kind of link from the original author, which doesn’t really add up for me. The deck is fully publicly accessible to any member of the site, so I wouldn’t see why this would require the author’s permission. If I wanted, I could painstakingly create every card from that deck manually in a personal deck, as I have full access to the community deck anyways. The author chose to share their deck with the community in the first place, so why gate people from using and building on it? Make studying as convenient as possible for your users and allow them to build on the awesome work others have done.

Feedback much appreciated and I hope I’m not asking for anything unreasonable here. This feature would complete my great experience with this site and aid me in studying immensely.


Hi @Kajitsuken!

I’m planning on introducing a personal hint field sometime soon that will always show you a hint regardless of whether the author adds it to their layouts or not. Hopefully this should help with your problem as well.

Community decks not getting personal copies has to do with the following things:

  • A personal copy would not be getting any more updates/changes from the original community deck. Meaning your version could become outdated very quickly.
  • Sometimes a community deck is 20.000+ cards in size, adding personal copies for everyone would quickly spiral out of control in terms of database and hosting size (whereas most users might not understand why it might be better to use the community version of a deck).
  • With personal versions, the original community version might not get the suggestions/feedback it would/could need. When everyone is using the same deck and giving feedback, it improves the quality of the deck for everyone, not just your own personal copy.
  • We’d probably soon end up with a lot of duplicate published decks that used the same deck as the base.
  • I’d like to “protect” the deck authors in the sense that it’s their content and it’s not an unlikely scenario that at some point top authors start a patreon or something and would prefer their content to not circulate around the internet in lesser/unupdated forms.

That last point is probably moot for a lot of decks, and in that case it might be possible to ask the deck author to personally share a copy of the deck with you instead (as I mentioned in those other threads), but then the other points still stand.

I hope that makes it a bit more clear as to why it’s currently not a feature. My goal with the community decks was to create the best resources available through combined community effort.

Do you think that personal hint field would solve the problem for you?


Hi Neicudi,

the personal hint field is a great solution to most of the issues I’m having at the moment, so that would be greatly appreciated!

In regards to the having “to” or no “to” in front of verbs and the recognition faulting the answer, which is probably the only problem the hint field doesn’t solve, might it be possible to add a user configurable setting that via regex checks if the only fault in the answer is a missing “to”? I don’t know how many decks have inconsistencies with this, so this might be very niche and only be needed in the deck I’m doing at the moment, but it would be great. Otherwise I guess for now I’ll just continue what I’ve been doing and add the “to” variant of the answer as a synonym.

Thanks for the prompt answer and the continuous effort put into development!


Is it the Core 10k? If so, then the original version of that deck doesn’t have verbs with “to”, so it has been modified bit by bit to integrate the to (to reinforce the idea that those words are verbs). Hine is going through a very big pile of suggestions (mostly my fault :stuck_out_tongue:), so that process is happening.

It is indeed core 10k :slight_smile:

That’s great to hear! I imagine it is a lot of work to maintain a deck like that, so honestly kudos at @hinekidori for putting in the work. Looking forward to it!