Copy/Duplicate Cards

I really like the “move to other deck” feature for cards, but what about copying a card? Instead of removing it from the original deck, it would just make a copy of the original and place it in the new deck.


Do you mean from community decks? Or just personal deck to personal deck?

Out of curiosity, what would you use this for? I’d imagine that you wouldn’t want to study duplicate cards anyways?


From personal deck to personal deck! I actually don’t mind learning duplicate cards for the most part. (Mostly because I find it too tedious every time I start a new community deck to go through and manually hibernate all the cards I already have in other decks. I’ve just developed an immunity to it, I suppose.)

I’m planning on throwing together a sort of “crash course” deck to use while we reach the slow part of my job over the summer and I have no classes, which is gonna have a lot of information from multiple different sources at once. I’d like to be able to still maintain decks for each of those sources after the fact as seperate entities, but the thought of having to manually recreate so many cards feels daunting.

Personally, I wouldn’t care about it carrying over SRS levels or synonyms or anything like that. Just remembering the layout, the template, and what information is in each field is fine with me. Even tags I wouldn’t mind not carrying over.


Actually, follow up thought. I would also be content with an export feature, even if it’s to CSV format. Then I could just pop it into excel and grab what I need. Really either of the two solutions would be fine with me.

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Thanks, I’ll put it on the list :slight_smile:

Export functionality needs to be reworked as much has changed since then (before the redesign). Implementing a copy function would probably be much easier for now ^^

Would you expect the progress (notes/synonyms/srs level/status etc) to also copy over while making a copy?

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I don’t know about other people, but I wouldn’t care about it. But if it’s something you anticipated other people wanting out of the feature, perhaps there could be a toggle prompt of some kind when copying (same screen that you select which deck to copy to, perhaps?) I think the only non-field item I would want to carry over would perhaps be tags.

I actually had a use case for this the other day and ended up using a Google Sheet as a work around.

One of my textbooks includes grammar phrases I wanted to study, some of which aren’t included as dictionary entries (maybe because they’re conjugations of other words, combinations of words, etc.) so I had to make cards for them by hand. For particularly difficult grammar points, I wanted to make multiple cards with various sentences for examples, but each time I did this, I had to make sure I rewrote certain pieces of information (Vocabulary, Meaning, Parts of Speech, etc.).

With a duplicate feature, I could have simply duplicated the card (creating a new card, so no SRS progress) and changed the fields I wanted to change. At that point, if someone wanted to duplicate a card to add it to another deck, they could make use of the function already built in to transfer cards to different decks. At least, that’s how I had imagined it might work.


Yeah, I’ve developed the habit of just making all my decks in google sheets first, then using the .csv files to just import to multiple decks as needed and then delete the cards I don’t need from the .csv file. It removes the ease of the cases when using the Jisho integration would give me more information sadly…

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Thanks for the info both, I’ve noted it down! Stay tuned ^^

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