Do you think it would be possible to implement kind of the same functionalities as the ConfusionGuesser script on Wanikani ?
For instance, I love the fact that I’m prompted that I used on-yomi instead of kun-yomi so I can correct myself without checking the solution.
Or when I mix up two kanji, I am prompted the one I mixed up with instead of letting me think about which one it was.
Having these functionalities natively on kitsun or via a userscript would be so nice !


I’d like to add hint & blacklist features as soon as I can give priority to it (they’re high priority, along with quite some other features haha). These features would let the layout creator select a specific field which will be checked upon answering. If the answer is contained inside the specified field value, it will display a hint or mark the card as wrong (if blacklisted).

With this you could definitely get a hint like “We’re looking for the other reading” or something similar :smiley:


Ohh nice, can’t wait for it ! :smiley:
Thanks :slight_smile:

After giving a second thought, I realized that for this to work, more than one hint field would be needed, at least one for the meaning and one for the reading.
Plus, without the automation, finding the kanji that I mixed up with would still be a pain :confused:

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