CMT Loading Issue (Question)

So in the settings there is the card management table section which says “If you are having problems with the cards management table or you believe your browser storage might be getting full” use this. I was having problems with it for a bit, and cleared my cache, and it worked like a charm! However, I’m just wondering, why does this happen in the first place? I don’t really think it’s that much of a problem, especially since the fix is so easy, but I’m just curious as to how it works/why it happens


Kitsun streams all the cards of a deck to your browser and puts it into a local database for faster consecutive loads.

When the database becomes large (can happen with large decks like the 10k deck + conjugation deck etc) the browser might hit a storage limit (dependent on browser settings and computer specs) and block any further writes into the database, causing it to stop loading correctly.

Hitting that button wipes the database so you can store everything in there again :smile: