Cloze Cards

Is it possible to create cloze cards at the moment? If so, could someone please explain to me how? I know how to make them in Anki, but I didn’t see an option here.


Hi @7nananana, welcome to Kitsun!

Cloze cards are currently still on my todo list. If possible, could you give an example of how these should work for you? Often the same result can be achieved in other ways as well :smiley:

I was working on a German deck today putting together grammar topics that I wanted to study. I made around 60 some cards as sentences where I would normally cloze out the portion of the sentence i wanted to study. When I realized there was no cloze feature though i deleted the 60 some cards i made since typing sentences word for word is too tiring and time consuming and not fun ( for me at least).

Here is an example of something I would normally cloze for example in Anki:

Ich höre {{c1::den Lastwagen :: the truck}}

(I hear the truck)

Here I have in {{}} what i would need to enter and I would be given the english word as a hint.

I want to remember that the verb “to hear” takes an accusative object here without writing the sentence word for word again. If you have any suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated.

Edit: The cloze here actually conveys that the noun is in the masculine accusative form, so two things at once and that that the verb takes an accusative noun. Normally in Anki I’d cloze this and enable the white board, so I can draw my answers fast. Do you have any plans on enabling the white board as well? Would be useful for Kanji i think as well.

Thanks for the detailed explanation! I think that should definitely be doable (and valuable) to add :slight_smile:

I’ll move the feature up on the todo list in terms of priority.

You could use two fields to get the same type of functionality (although it would look a bit different):

  1. add your sentence in field A: Ich höre ...
  2. Add the German answer in field B: den Lastwagen
  3. Add the English hint in field C: the truck
  4. Create a layout that shows the sentence on top, the hint below it and displays an input ({{spellcheck:fieldB}}) as a way for you to enter the answer. Something like this would work (although it would look super basic with just this):
<p>hint: {{fieldC}}</p>

You can name the fields whatever you want of course.

Inputting it might be a little bit more of a hassle due to having to fill in three fields rather than just one with a special cloze syntax, but it also brings some benefits like being able to search through those fields specifically when doing cards management and such (e.g. searching “den Lastwagen” in the “German” field would only find that result, not results where “den Lastwagen” is used as something other than the vocabulary that you are learning).

With the whiteboard feature you mean being able to just pen/scribble something down on the screen and not actually checking whether the answer is correct, right?

Thank you for this. I’ll try it out. Yes with the whiteboard feature on my phone on Anki for example i typically make sentence decks with cloze and then I write the answer and flip the card and then mark it as correct or incorrect depending on if what I wrote matches or not. For kanji i find this very useful since I can always find the correct kanji by entering hiragana but if I want to test if i really know how to spell it, the whiteboard is useful.

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