Choose template when adding cards from dictionary

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Currently, I have to manually go into “manage cards” on each deck and choose the templates I want the card to have. All cards are created with the same layout.
It would save a lot of time if you were able to choose the layout when adding the card in the first place.

Maybe it already exists, but then I haven’t been able to find it; is there a default deck card layout option somewhere? I have a deck that only uses one layout on all cards, but when added it uses the wrong layout. Having a default layout option, or a “choose” layout in the “Dictionary” feature would be great improvements to the ease of use.

PS: Great job on the app! The UI is absolutely amazing looking. You clearly have a huge talent for making interfaces. :+1:

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Have you tried the “Custom Flashcard” that appears under “Default Flashcard” when creating a card? That allows you to choose any template with the layouts that you want.

You’ll have to sync the fields of your template with the fields of the dictionary (definitions, part of speech, etc) on your first try using custom. But once you do, the sync gets saved and you can create cards as you would normally do using the default flashcard option.

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That works! But it seems like I am losing some fields because of it though. I only get four pieces of information.
I don’t get audio on any of the cards :cry:

Edit: Just noticed I can’t make custom cards in the kanji section. Most of the cards I add are kanji with Meaning ----> kanji, so I have to edit them afterward.


Hey @Jesperhh01, thanks for the nice comment about the apps! :kithappy:

Which fields are you missing aside from audio?

I think the default one also only has four fields by default (iirc) if you don’t count the audio.


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It looked like I lost some “part of speech” stuff, but I was wrong about that. But audio is missing.

I have an additional piece of feedback for custom flashcards.
I think there should be an option to save a “custom flashcard” to a preset. I constantly have to select different layouts for “kana only” words and words with kanji. It seems like a non-issue, but it gets annoying over time. It’s probably more annoying for people that have to change a bunch of options between cards.
And a custom flashcard option for kanji would also be great! :+1:

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Yep! I’ve been meaning to add this :slight_smile:

Also still on the to-do list ^^

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