Change Card Count w Hibernated Cards

It’d be nice if the card count of the deck could update based on your hibernated cards, or at least have it display something like: non-hibernated/total. That, or just show somewhere how many cards you have to study x’D

It just gets a bit nagging to have hibernated x amount of cards but the number stays the same :’)


I’d prefer something like this.


Hmm… Where would you think might be good place to display it? for the 10k deck i think it’s already running out of space at the top banner (19000 cards)

At least the progress bar doesn’t count hibernated items :wink:

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I don’t think it’s too big of deal if it extends that length. Maybe have the non-hibernated total be in a larger font, and below it the actual deck total?

Maybe here? You could do something like “Total Cards: 14928 (of 19134).”


Question: Does this bar count hibernated cards to the %?

It could be a hover tip. Display the total number of cards. On hover show the non-hibernated cards using the title attribute (or a fancier popover if you prefer). And you could of course flip it if you think it’s more important to show the non-hibernated number.

Could be a feature in settings to choose which to display? Or would that get too confusing? x’D

I’d quite like this too. I know the bar calculation takes hibernated items into account, but it’s quite annoying trying to work out how many actual lessons I have left to do in a given deck.

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I know I asked you this before, but does the bar on the image I posted above only count burned items? Because I think it’s useless having that 0% there. I think it should act like the bar in the deck’s page, the latter being a more detailed version of it.

On mobile it would not fit is what I meant.

I like the suggestion @seanblue made, a tooltip or flip on hover would work :slight_smile:

@jprspereira that one only counts fire fox items, having it count from lowest rank would also be a bit confusing imo (maybe not since it would indicate % of cards currently learning?)?

You all just want a full % bar! :wink:


I really think that 0% for 6 months is nonsense in terms of motivation. Idk :man_shrugging:

Yes :slight_smile: I don’t think of it as confusing at all.


I agree. It’s nice to have regular updates to stay motivated. Obviously, the updates will become regular once you start firefoxing stuff, but it’s frustrating in the mean time. Was there a reason for not making it the exact same bar that is displayed on the deck page?


Not gonna lie, I thought the 0% was a bug :’) I thought it did count the same percentage x’D


I thought so too, to be honest :stuck_out_tongue:
It’s probably somewhere in the guide though.


I’ve changed it to be % items learned of the total without hibernated cards


Hi all, I see that including a feature to modify the card count/progress bar relative to the number of hibernated cards was considered, but as far as I can tell the current iteration of Kitsun does not account for hibernated cards in the progress bar. This would be a useful feature to have to help me have a better sense of how many cards are actually remaining. That way I would be able to consider when to begin other decks. (and also, yeah, motivation, etc.)

If there is currently way to apply this feature, please let me know!

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I’m not sure if this is what you meant by accounting for hibernated cards in the progress bar, but… I think the current set of progress bars on a deck’s page does account for it in the sense that the bar is out of all learnable cards (total items - hibernated cards). That is, you won’t finish a deck and get empty space because items are hibernated. If you mouseover the number of items on the deck page it’ll explicitly list how many are hibernated, filtered, studied, and remaining.

how I came to that conclusion

So for example, I’m using the N5 deck with 70 words hibernated out of 656 items total. My progress bar is about 64.5% filled (I took a ratio of the pixels measured with MS Paint lol). 35.5% of (656 - 70) is around 208, the number of cards “remaining” in my case.

I was able to verify it by inspecting the page source as well, where the width of the div is set to the ratio of items at level / (all - hibernated)

All of that said, earlier I had told myself I wanted to be able to see hibernated items in progress bars as well and the page structure looks nice so I might try making a script to make that visible at a glance.
Edit: After playing with it, eeeeeehhh… I have something mostly working but there’s some messy stuff happening with what I’m guessing is vuejs + spa gunk… siiiiiiigh


super jank script with screenshot

The positioning on the popup is handled in a completely wrong way and I apparently can’t get away with just reusing existing classes when doing this. I’m guessing it has something to do with js frameworks and single page apps(?), which also gave me a ton of crap for this and bunpro script I was working on earlier.



When you hover over the cards count at the top you can see a more detailed breakdown:

Then when you look at the progress bar, you will notice that it’s not counting the hibernated cards:

Was that what you were looking for?

@ccookf What exactly were you running into regarding the script? Does it have to do with knowing which page you are on? I’d love to make it more accessible for script creators :slight_smile:

I think it’s mostly just me being an idiot. The userscript stuff is hacky duct tape work even at the best of times. Like tampermonkey even documents what to do regarding SPAs, but it’s still jank compared to just working in the application directly and having access to the router or lifecycle hooks, ect. Rfindley is basically a wizard for doing all of that stuff with WK. By comparison, I’m the frog that happens to be sitting right next to the alkahest in the lab.

Anyway, I think it’s fairly accessible as is.

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@Neicudi @ccookf exactly what I was looking for, thanks!

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