Card Showing Multiple Times in Reviews

Hello, I’m currently having a small issue with the Kitsun JLPT N3 Vocab deck. I had a particular card in my lessons, the vocab for flame 炎, I failed the card review during the lesson multiple times in a row (I blame benadryl).

I noticed it shows up in my reviews multiple times (3 I think) for both the reading and the meaning. If I try to hibernate the card during the review I get an error, in Card Management it says the card is hibernated but if I refresh the page then the card is not longer hibernated. I think I broke it with my failure to pay attention.

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I’ll take a look asap today. Sounds like something is causing it to bug out :open_mouth: Sorry for the inconvenience!

I saw 5 progress documents of yours for the same card in the database, all created at exactly the same time, so something definitely went wrong there :open_mouth: I have a few ideas of what it could have been (e.g. client side sending the same lesson completed request 5 times in combination with a bad connection, causing it to create 5 documents at the same time), but I’ll try to check the logs and get to the bottom of it :slight_smile:

As for those documents, I’ve removed all but one, so everything should be okay again. Could you check and let me know if it works well again? :smiley:

Hey thank you for quickly addressing this! It wasn’t that of an inconvenience but I figured I should mention it. Everything seems to be working and at least I’ve really nailed down 炎 :smile:

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