Card duplicate warning

This is just an idea, but I think it would be great to have a feature eventually where you can look at a list of duplicate terms in a certain deck. I’m sure this wouldn’t be useful for everyone, but it would definitely be useful for people like me who import cards in large amounts from different sources.


A know words’ system is on planning. In other words, if 顔 is in 2 different decks and you learn it in 1, the other card will be hibernated because the system will consider that you know this word already.

Not sure if something like this is what you meant? :o


My question with that is, what do you mean by “know?” Like as it’s just gone through the lessons and now it’s in your reviews?

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I believe so. In other words, SRS > 0 would lead to the word be considered as known.

I think that’s the approach that makes the most sense. A word which lesson was done would be considered as learned. Reviews are merely a review of previously learned content.


That’s a great idea! I would imagine though that if it were to be cross-deck, then the decks would need to share the same format. Which might not be the best thing, but hey it works well enough.

I would still like the idea of checking for doubles in the same deck though.


The idea is to let creators set a specific field as the main field for a template. Then when you do a lesson, that main value will be added to your “known words”.

This way Kitsun can check for other cards with the same main value (e.g. the vocab being taught) and hibernate them.

I think the best way would be to let the user choose which deck needs to sync (hibernate duplicates) with their known words, as sometimes you might still want duplicates because you are training different aspects (such as listening, recall, recognition etc).