Card Audio

On the cards I’m making, I have both the Korean word and an example sentence. I’m building them in Anki and then so I can batch add audio easily. In anki and when I’m using the website version of Kitsun it will automatically read both sets of audio (they’re on the same side of the card), but when using the Android app, it only reads the word. Is there something I need to do to make it work correctly or is it an issue with the app?


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If I remember correctly, the website too plays only the first audio at the moment.

I can put multiple audio plays on the to-do list if you deem it useful :smiley:

Oop…you’re right. I don’t know why, I could have sworn the website was reading both.

I can’t speak for anyone else, but personally I would find it useful. For me, at least, it’s helpful to both hear the word and hear it used in the correct context. If I have to pause to read the sentence when practicing the words, I could be inclined to just rush through and bypass that (i’m not the best at studying well, I never have been =P). But if it auto-played, I would always hear it and get that listening practice - and could practice that sentence as well.

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