Can't see/delete feedback for a deleted card

Someone submitted a feedback request to delete a duplicate card from my published deck. I marked the card for deletion, but left the request pending. After the card was deleted, I still see a feedback count badge on my deck and a blinking feedback button, but when I click through, the feedback list is empty. Console says Cannot read property '_id' of null and Cannot read property 'template' of null. It’s a minor annoyance if anything, but just letting you know.


Oh thanks for reporting, I forgot about that!

I’ll make it so it also removes the associated feedback from now on :smiley:


Since posting here the number of feedback items in the badge has gone up but I still can’t see any feedback items. Is the missing card causing the render to crash before real feedback can be rendered? Or are people still submitting feedback on my deleted card?

Hey again,

Sorry about that. I’ve just deleted the feedback that was associated with the deleted card. You should be able to see all the feedback again :smile:

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