Cannot Activate Deck After Deactivating

Actual Behavior:

  1. Navigate to the Decks page.
  2. Click on a deck
  3. Click on Deck Settings
  4. Toggle the Active switch to the off position.
  5. Save (success)
  6. Toggle the Active switch to the on position
  7. Save (failure)
  8. Error message is displayed.

Expected Behavior:
Toggling the Active switch to the ‘on’ position and saving should result in a success and the ability to use the deck again.

Error Message:
message: “Cast to Date failed for value “Moment {↵ _isAMomentObject: true,↵ _i: NaN,↵ _isUTC: true,↵ _pf:↵ { empty: false,↵ unusedTokens: [],↵ unusedInput: [],↵ overflow: -2,↵ charsLeftOver: 0,↵ nullInput: true,↵ invalidMonth: null,↵ invalidFormat: false,↵ userInvalidated: false,↵ iso: false,↵ parsedDateParts: [],↵ meridiem: null,↵ rfc2822: false,↵ weekdayMismatch: false },↵ _locale:↵ Locale {↵ _calendar:↵ { sameDay: ‘[Today at] LT’,↵ nextDay: ‘[Tomorrow at] LT’,↵ nextWeek: ‘dddd [at] LT’,↵ lastDay: ‘[Yesterday at] LT’,↵ lastWeek: ‘[Last] dddd [at] LT’,↵ sameElse: ‘L’ },↵ _longDateFormat:↵ { LTS: ‘h:mm:ss A’,↵ LT: ‘h:mm A’,↵ L: ‘MM/DD/YYYY’,↵ LL: ‘MMMM D, YYYY’,↵ LLL: ‘MMMM D, YYYY h:mm A’,↵ LLLL: ‘dddd, MMMM D, YYYY h:mm A’ },↵ _invalidDate: ‘Invalid date’,↵ ordinal: [Function: ordinal],↵ _dayOfMonthOrdinalParse: /\d{1,2}(th|st|nd|rd)/,↵ _relativeTime:↵ { future: ‘in %s’,↵ past: ‘%s ago’,↵ s: ‘a few seconds’,↵ ss: ‘%d seconds’,↵ m: ‘a minute’,↵ mm: ‘%d minutes’,↵ h: ‘an hour’,↵ hh: ‘%d hours’,↵ d: ‘a day’,↵ dd: ‘%d days’,↵ M: ‘a month’,↵ MM: ‘%d months’,↵ y: ‘a year’,↵ yy: ‘%d years’ },↵ _months:↵ [ ‘January’,↵ ‘February’,↵ ‘March’,↵ ‘April’,↵ ‘May’,↵ ‘June’,↵ ‘July’,↵ ‘August’,↵ ‘September’,↵ ‘October’,↵ ‘November’,↵ ‘December’ ],↵ _monthsShort:↵ [ ‘Jan’,↵ ‘Feb’,↵ ‘Mar’,↵ ‘Apr’,↵ ‘May’,↵ ‘Jun’,↵ ‘Jul’,↵ ‘Aug’,↵ ‘Sep’,↵ ‘Oct’,↵ ‘Nov’,↵ ‘Dec’ ],↵ _week: { dow: 0, doy: 6 },↵ _weekdays:↵ [ ‘Sunday’,↵ ‘Monday’,↵ ‘Tuesday’,↵ ‘Wednesday’,↵ ‘Thursday’,↵ ‘Friday’,↵ ‘Saturday’ ],↵ _weekdaysMin: [ ‘Su’, ‘Mo’, ‘Tu’, ‘We’, ‘Th’, ‘Fr’, ‘Sa’ ],↵ _weekdaysShort: [ ‘Sun’, ‘Mon’, ‘Tue’, ‘Wed’, ‘Thu’, ‘Fri’, ‘Sat’ ],↵ _meridiemParse: /[ap].?m?.?/i,↵ _abbr: ‘en’,↵ _config:↵ { calendar: [Object],↵ longDateFormat: [Object],↵ invalidDate: ‘Invalid date’,↵ ordinal: [Function: ordinal],↵ dayOfMonthOrdinalParse: /\d{1,2}(th|st|nd|rd)/,↵ relativeTime: [Object],↵ months: [Array],↵ monthsShort: [Array],↵ week: [Object],↵ weekdays: [Array],↵ weekdaysMin: [Array],↵ weekdaysShort: [Array],↵ meridiemParse: /[ap].?m?.?/i,↵ abbr: ‘en’ },↵ _dayOfMonthOrdinalParseLenient: /\d{1,2}(th|st|nd|rd)|\d{1,2}/ },↵ _d: Invalid Date,↵ _isValid: false }” at path “NextReview””

I just signed up for a lifetime membership to kitsun and can no longer study my deck because of this bug. Assistance would be appreciated.


Just woke up, on it!

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Fixed the bug and reactivated your deck. I’ll be deploying a hotfix for this problem right away. Sorry for the inconvenience!