Can you bulk change vocab templates?

I’m learning more and more as I continue to use, and one of the things I’ve learned as I’ve progressed is how to make my own custom templates and UI for my sets. While the default UI is fine, it’s kinda plain (which I’m sure is intentional to keep the process direct and also to serve as a reference) and I’ve made a few designs to kinda liven things up. While I’m able to apply this to my newer sets (since they are smaller), unfortunately for right now it seems I can’t do this with my older sets. I understand that you can edit the card, re-choose the template, then reselect the layouts; the problem is that you have to do this card-by-card, and given that one of my review sets is like 2300 words, it wouldn’t be realistic to do that.

For that reason, I’m wondering whether there is a way you can bulk change the template (and then layouts) for cards?

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Mass switching layouts is already possible, but bulk switching templates (and layouts) isn’t yet.

This is probably the most requested feature at the moment, and I’m working on it as we speak :smile:

I hope to include it in the next app update (A landing page redesign update is up first) so it’s definitely coming up soon! :smile:

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Thanks for the prompt response and info! I’m very excited for that update in that case!
Even if it’s not possible yet, I’m content knowing it’s coming in the future.

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