Can’t save settings


When trying to update my settings (tested with “General” and “Lessons & reviews”), the server returns a 500 error.
Tested with Firefox Dev Edition (private browsing), Firefox Nightly (normal browsing), and Chromium (private browsing), all on Void Linux.

  • Request (changing the timezone from Europe/London to Europe/Paris)
      "hideTooltips": false,
      "theme": "default-theme",
  • Response
      "success": false,
      "message": "Could not save user",
      "error": {
        "errors": {
          "subscriptions.2.endpoint": {
            "message": "Path `endpoint` is required.",
            "name": "ValidatorError",
            "properties": {
              "message": "Path `{PATH}` is required.",
              "type": "required",
            "kind": "required",
            "path": "endpoint",
            "$isValidatorError": true
        "_message": "User validation failed",
        "message": "User validation failed: subscriptions.2.endpoint: Path `endpoint` is required.",

In case it is relevant:

  • account creation date: 2019-03-27
  • subscription: monthly
  • subscription date: 2021-06-07

Thanks! I’ll fix it right when I get back home in a few hours. Due to your logs I know exactly what the problem is, so thanks for the details!

Sorry for the inconvenience!

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Should be fixed now!

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Successfully updated your settings

Thank you :slight_smile:

Although the timezone setting doesn’t seem to be used for the upcoming reviews display (both in the home’s and the deck’s graph): it still displays the time as UTC (instead of UTC+2 for Europe/Paris during summer) both on FF and Chromium.

I can open a new thread if you’d prefer as it’s a different issue :slight_smile:

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Glad to hear it works again!

Using this thread is fine :smile: The timeline not using the timezone setting is still on my to-do list so expect that to start working as soon as I can dedicate a bit of time to it ^^

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Alright! :slight_smile:
I know that time handling can be quite a pain, don’t worry about it ^^

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