Can Kitsun stop me from doing reviews?

I have a problem. I’m SRS addicted. If I see even a single review available, I’ll click on the deck to do it.

Why is this a problem?

Because I’m constantly breaking the flow of my work to do reviews. The problem is that even if reviews only take a few minutes, my focus is always jumping around from task to task (or deck to deck…), which is not good.

I’ve thought of a few ways to fix this:

  • Deactivate reviews’ notifications on both the phone and the computer (Done! It did help when I’m away from the laptop).
  • Only allow myself to do reviews on certain times of the day (the problem being that I might get busy on those times and then reviews will pile up leading to chaosssssssss)
  • Close all Kitsun tabs when not using it.
  • Give myself a minimum of reviews to allow myself to do them.

I’ll try all the suggestions I gave above, but I’d still wanted to make this a discussion as the thread can turn into something productive :slight_smile:


I’ve mentioned timers before. A global timer for the site may be an interesting idea. Where you tell it how much you want to use the site for the day and it blocks you once you reached whatever you have set.


I really think this idea could work. I’ve thought of Kitsun not letting you do reviews if you had less than a specific amount. The problem I was seeing with it is that I’d totally want to do the 4h reviews from my daily lessons and that wouldn’t work in that specific case. For example, I do 10 katakana lessons a day, but my minimum limit to do katakana reviews would be at least 50.

So yeah, I really like your idea. It would be pretty cool to hear @Neicudi’s 2c on it.

I think there are chrome addons which block websites just like you would want the timer to work.

As for how to stop Kitsun from interrupting your other work: Adopt a schedule where you do lessons in the morning, reviews in the afternoon and once more in the evening rather than coming back every hour orso. That’s how I manage my own lessons/reviews at least… I’m currently out of lessons so I’ve scaled it back to just doing reviews every night before sleeping.

Timer functionality is still on the to-do list since our last few conversations about it. I personally think you can achieve the same by looking at the clock and saying: “I have to quit at XX:XX”. But I can understand why it might be more convenient to have a timer built in.

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I often see this as a commitment, or an obligation, to finish learning what I’ve put into my deck(s). My problem is, I guess, different than yours, if I see this from my point of view. I don’t commit myself enough to my deck(s), I think. :thinking:


I usually define goals for my SRS. For example, I find a number that I can be consistent with (imagine it’s 10 lessons/day and zeroing reviews every day), I choose a amount of time (think 3 months, 6 months) and I see how much that will give me of extra knowledge. In this case, 10 lessons/day would lead me to learning 900 words in 3 months and 1800 in 6 months. Those numbers usually motivate me because I’ll know that as long as I show up every day to do them, I’ll reach that goal ^^

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