Bulk change template

Hi all, do you know if theres a way to bulk change the templates? I created a new one which I much prefer. But now I have 300 cards to move 1 by 1.

(also offtopic but when I’m choosing remember/don’t remember is there a way to undo?)

Thanks all.

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Right now, no. But I think I might be able to get the functionality for mass changing templates out this weekend. No promises though, but should be soon! :smiley:

No, sorry. For flip cards there is no way to undo it as the server call is made the moment you click the buttons/hit the hotkeys. For input cards you can use the ignore button.


Thanks mate for a nice answer, I ended up going through all 300 cards in the end while watching a tv show so all good. But super appreciate the answer.


Ahh that must’ve been a bit tedious :sweat_smile: Sorry about that!