Bulk adding sound

Hey, sorry for a whole new topic for this, but I didn’t find a general purpose question type of thread.

I’m finally starting to use Kitsun for more than just amassing vocab from reading with the dictionary to card feature. Since I started doing that before the auto sound feature was implemented, I have a lot of cards w/o sound now. Is there a way to automatically generate and add sound to all of them?

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Making a topic for it is completely fine, no worries!

Right now the functionality does exist, but only for admin use :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve been thinking about making it public.

While creating the current audio generation feature I made sure that every requested vocabulary audio file gets cached in order to build up a small database of vocab audio files without incurring costs from the external API Kitsun uses for it.

I think by now it might be at a point where it has most vocabulary audio files in the database already, but then a problem might arise where users want to generate audio for say 20.000 sentences instead of vocab. Resulting in quite some financial costs when X amounts of users start doing it :laughing:

I think it might be possible to limit the generation to just vocabulary though, so thatd be a solution for now :smiley:

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Thanks for the answer. Yeah, sounds like that could need some restriction. :smiley: