Bulk add audio

say I have a deck with 5,000 cards,
and I have 5,000 audio files to add to these cards.

Is there a better way to add audio to each card compared to clicking them one by one?
it would take me tens of hours.

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As far as I know, no. Personally what I do is add them in while importing by importing as an Anki set with audio. I’m not sure how easy it is or if it’s possible to mass import audio in Anki. But if it’s a custom set you could possibly just do that, then import the Anki set here.
Also, is this 5k set a real example or just hypothetical? A 5k set sounds interesting. :thinking:

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I imported a 5k korean deck from anki and now I want to add 5k audio files to it (to an existing deck)


Do you already have the audio files for it?

I’m afraid there is no bulk media upload functionality in Kitsun other than through the anki import at the moment. This intentionally wasn’t added for a few reasons, but I can understand why you’d want it.

How would you have linked an audio file to a specific card while doing it in bulk? Having a filename match the vocabulary word and filling it dynamically through a layout or something similar?

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Yes, I can generate mp3 files by vocab word in the foreign language.
If I could add the file by its name to the relevant vocab it would be very useful.