Best way to go about making cards from anime/movies?

Hey guys! I have a few Ghibli DVDs, as well as a few animes on DVD, that I can watch in FLV Player and import my own subtitle files. I also have subtitle files from the ever ancient but still sturdy kitsunekko. Before I dive in though, does anyone else have any experience with making flashcards (Kitsun or otherwise) from shows/movies/et cetera? What’s the easiest method?

I’m leaning towards making a spreadsheet for CSV importing, but is it more or less beneficial to stop every time I encounter a word I don’t recognize, add it to the spreadsheet, lookup the definition, make notes, etc, or to just jot down timestamps and keep going? And is it even worth my time to make cards at all or should I just do the bruteforce method that people recommend of just focusing on listening, even if I don’t always understand the words used?

Also though, I’m just curious, who else uses anime/movies for studying? What are your experiences with it? I love to hear about other people’s study methods.

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There’s a few ways to do it programmatically:

You could hook up the .srt file to a parser that extracts every word and matches it with a dictionary. Or you could use something like subs2srs which allows you to create some cool cards for Anki (which you can import into Kitsun instead if you’d want).

If you’re going the manual route, I’d recommend using the dictionary flashcard generation feature, as you’d only have to copy paste the unknown word and click the button for it to create a flashcard :slight_smile:


I was looking at sub2srs a bit! My only concern with that is that, from what I can tell looking at the website (I haven’t gotten around to try it yet) is that it pulls entire lines of dialog. I don’t mind that at all, but my biggest focus is vocabulary and kanji.

Most likely, I think I’ll go with that though. I can always use the dictionary generator for additional words for the dialog. It’s always hard to get over the urge to be lazy and do whatever is fastest, not best for your learning in the long run :weary:

Thank you for your advice!

(would’ve been good if I posted it as a proper reply…)

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You could also look into . You can paste the srt there and then star any vocab you’d like to learn. After scanning the whole text you can go to the vocabulary tab and create a TSV or Anki file, both of which you can import into Kitsun :slight_smile: (TSV might be prefered since you can select the template and layouts, as well as do some initial editting on the file)

I haven’t personally used it though, so I’m not sure how good it is.

This one I hadn’t heard about! That sounds exactly what I would be looking for. I’ll have to play around with both and come update the thread later on. Thank you very much!!


Let us know how it goes \o/

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