Best way to add audio to cards


I was wondering what is currently the best way we can add audio to cards. Can they be taken directly from a dictionary? I’m guessing the audio files need to be manually downloaded but I didn’t know if a feature was already in place where we could get a quick link to the audio file. I’m not sure exactly how this works. Thank you.

You should see this option when generating cards through the dictionary (they are almost always available). If you are adding your own audio, I believe the only way is through deck manager (opening card, upload audio)


Thank you! Is there any way to add the dictionary audio through the deck manager? Otherwise I suppose I can just delete all the cards and re add them through the dictionary with audio.

Not that I know of. I saw your other thread on order. If you decide on adding tags, I find it much easier doing it through the dictionary card generator because it remembers the last tag you added.

Thank you.