Batch review

Hi there,

In deck settings, there’s an option called “Quiz Batch Size” which is very useful to do lessons in batches. Is there a similar option for review? There’s an option called “Wrap up review session” but it has no hard limit and so I can go through half my review queue before I can wrap it up.

If not, is there a plan to include that at some point?

Your time is appreciated.

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Thanks for the suggestion. We currently don’t have that functionality and there are no plans as of yet to include this. I will note it down as a feature request and if it comes up a lot I will promote it to the todo list.

I think that a combination of using the re-order settings (keep siblings together or sorting by layout etc) and wrap up functionality you would be able to achieve nearly the same thing.

Another option if you are versed in coding, is hooking into with a small userscript that does this for you.