"Back to Folder" shortcut suggestion

I realize the developers have a lot on their hands, but a useful feature came to me that I’m hoping could make it onto the site in the near future.

I’ve been taking advantage of this site’s many features over the past few days, including organizing my decks into folders (in my case, by language). One thing I’ve found myself wishing for is a “Back to Folder” shortcut on the results page and on the deck’s main page. Being able to quickly return to the folder would allow me to study by language without having to return to the main decks page, look for and click on the folder I want, and then choose the deck I want.

On the deck’s main page, this shortcut could go in the same area where the “manage cards” and “deck settings” shortcuts are.

After a review session, it could go beside the “Back to Deck” shortcut.


Sounds like it could be a handy addition! I’ll put it on the backlog, although there’s a lot that currently takes priority so it might take a while before it gets added.

That said, for now you could perhaps hit back once or a few times (depending on your current screen) to achieve the same?

Thanks for the suggestion!

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Yup, the fastest workaround I’ve found is to go to home and then scroll down to where it shows the decks with outstanding reviews.

Thanks, Neicudi. No rush - just seemed like something that could be optimized down the road.

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