Automatic handling of cards with identical front faces

First off, Kitsun is amazing. It is nearly everything I have ever wanted in a flashcard app. There are just two things missing, and I think it would be perfect.

  1. It’d be super cool if I could click on the lightning bolt twice, and have Kitsun auto advance to the next card on a correct answer without even pressing enter. This is minor, but those enter key presses really add up over time.
  2. Kitsun needs some way to handle identical front faces on cards. I think there are many possible solutions here, but any real solution should not have to involve deck creators, ie subtitles on cards. One possibility is to batch cards with identical front faces, so if I’m asked for the reading for 金, I could type either かね or きん and Kitsun would then immediately ask me for the other reading. This is assuming I’ve learned both readings. I think another user on this site suggested that if the card is 金/きん and I type かね, then the answer box should shake and prompt for a new input without marking the card as incorrect. That would also be a really clean solution.

Anyway, I like where Kitsun is heading, and will definitely be subscribing when my trial is up. Thanks for making vocab study a pleasure!


Welcome and thanks for all the compliments! I’m very glad to hear you enjoy using Kitsun! :smile:

Regarding your suggestions:

  1. This one is currently on my backlog feature list, but I wouldn’t mind moving it up a bit in terms of priority :slight_smile:

  2. I agree that this can be an issue, and personally my ideal solution is to add blacklists to the cards. These blacklists do have to be added by the deck creators or users though, as Kitsun has no knowledge about whichever readings you do or do not know. This feature is already on my prio list, so hopefully I can start work on it soon.

Thanks again for the support! Really appreciated!

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Hmm, by blacklist do you mean answers which aren’t wrong but which aren’t accepted as correct either? If so, it seems like kitsun could scrape the cards in a deck, look for identical front facing cards, and generate blacklists automatically. Or maybe I am misunderstanding what you mean by blacklists?

In any case, super glad to hear these are already on the list!!!

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Hmm, now that I think about it, it might have to become two separate features. One for an actual blacklist (enter -> mark wrong) and one for “hints” that shouldn’t be marked wrong but rather shake the input and display a hint.

Regarding the scraping, I was thinking it would be account wide (so all cards in all decks the user currently has) but it would be difficult to find out which value is on the front since the layouts can be completely different but still serve the same goal (e.g. the default layouts vs the 10k deck layouts). Layouts consisting of html means that there is also no reference to what exactly is being displayed on the back or the front.

I think It would be doable by checking inside a single deck and only for cards using the same layouts though.

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Oh interesting, I hadn’t thought about the case of additional incorrect answers for a card. That would definitely require input from the creator. In this case there are basically three buckets, a ‘right list’ for answers which are always correct, a ‘wrong list’ for answers which are always incorrect, and a ‘gray list’ for answers which aren’t incorrect, but should trigger a reprompt.

But yea, as you point out, automatically generating per card gray lists for a single deck is straightforward. Generalizing it is more difficult. One options is if creators want to opt into automatic creation of gray lists, they could identify the html element representing the item being queried with a system wide reserved class name. Then kitsun could automatically generate custom gray lists per card per user based on the decks they are studying. Of course, now we are pretty off in the weeds. In reality, identical quiz items between decks can be easily distinguished by different layouts, so there is much less need to solve this problem. Identical elements within a single deck are indistinguishable, so some solution is definitely desired.

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Yeah that’s pretty much it!

The main problem is that Kitsun has no clue which field is the answer and which field is the question so to say. A layout has a display value that the author can choose, but there is no reference to the answer and question fields for Kitsun to query on.

I’ll have to think about it some more :thinking:

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