Auto go to the next card after you enter a correct answer

I’m testing using the app on iPhone and so far I’m loving it. Let’s face it, I’m only ever going to uses this as an app on my phone! So glad y’all are putting so much work into the app. Just had two things that are really annoying me so far.

First: can there be a settings option that you turn on so the when you enter the correct answer, it automatically goes to the next card in the deck without you having to click the next arrow again?
This might sound a little silly but having to click the across arrow a second time to go to a new card after I’ve typed in the correct answer is actually really annoying. Like really really really super annoying. Like it makes me want to stop doing reviews because I have to click the button too many times to get to the next Card… if I’ve gotten it correct I don’t need to see all the meaning information again, I just need the next card in the deck. i’m one of those people who would power through 100 Wanikani reviews I’m like 10 minutes and would like to do the same here but this app is slowing me down and it’s difficult to get into a real rhythm with it.

Second: is there a way to flip decks in the lesson study mode? In these decks, the first thing you see when you start a lesson is the English version of the card. I want the Japanese to come up first so I can look at the kanji study it and maybe take a guess at the meaning before actually looking at and learning the English meeting. I know some people might want to see the English first so I think it would be useful if there was an option to flip it to choose which card or version comes up first. This isn’t a dealbreaker for me but it would just be a lot more convenient when studying. The thing I mentioned above about having to click to go to the next card when reviewing is a dealbreaker so please fix that first.

Hi @trini-jin !

Glad to hear you like using the app!

This already exists :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: During reviews you can enable “lightning mode” which does exactly what you’d want. You can do this by tapping on the lightning bolt icon in the top-right (during reviews only, not lessons).

In this case you’d want to change the layout order. For lessons this always takes the first selected layout of the card. As you seem to be using community decks (I think?) this can not be changed for lessons at the moment.

For reviews however, you can play around with the reorder settings by tapping the shuffle icon in the top-right corner (at the same spot as the lightning mode icon).

Seeing as you’d want this on lessons, I could add this to the requested features list, but then the user would probably have to select which layout they want to use as the lessons layout. (A layout determines what the card front/back looks like)

Hope that helps a bit!

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This lightning :zap: things has brought untold joy! Thanks. But I’m still getting an issue where I type the right answer and it goes To the next card, great, but the keyboard disappears and I have to click the space to type the answer for the keyboard to reappear. Is there anyway to adjust it so that the cursor is already there and the keyboard stays where it is so all I just have to do is type in the next answer instead of having to click the space for the cursor have the keyboard come up and then type in the next answer? Not sure if that explanation makes sense…maybe it’s a setting that’s already there that I just missed?..

the rhythm and recall speed are super important for me in reviews because I’ve found it greatly improves my fluency and speed of recognition when doing reading in the real world. Anything that slows that down just irks me to no end. If I could just get the flow right then you would have me hooked for a lifetime membership.

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You have to disable the flip button in deck settings if you want this, this will keep the cursor/keyboard locked. If Kitsun didn’t do this, the keyboard would always be taking up real estate on the screen on a flip session which would be a bit painful. So I’d say make a choice on a deck if you want to be a flipper or a typer (or set your setting for a particular review session whatever preferred which can be changed easy enough).

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Great! It was just a setting issue and I finally found the right settings.


In this case you’d want to change the layout order. For lessons this always takes the first selected layout of the card. As you seem to be using community decks (I think?) this can not be changed for lessons at the moment.

That’s exactly what I want. This community deck is awesome and has everything I’m looking for in terms of content, Japanese, English and Audio. But for Study mode the “English → Japanese” comes up first. If there was some way to have the option to choose the “Japanese → English” card to come up in lessons that would be great. The cards already exist because I see them when I do the reviews. I just want to be able to choose what I want to come up first when I study. Other people may even be interested in the “Audio → English” version to come up first so they can guess at the kanji, spelling and meaning before. There is no way I would be able to create a deck as good as Hinekidori. I just want to be able to choose a different layout order that will better fit my learning style. I think that would be a useful feature to would benefit a lot of people who really like the community but have slightly different learning needs.

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