Audio Looping Option

I usually hit ‘R’ over and over when I want to repeat something multiple times, but it would be nice if there were an option to loop to audio infinitely or for a set number of times (e.g., 0/25, 1/25…24/25…finish). I usually do this using an app on my phone, but it means going into the audio file, searching for the phrase/sentence, and then repeating. It would be great to have it built into the site.



Do you mean during reviews and lessons?

Yep! Really helps for speaking practice to repeat it a ton of times during reviews. If I can’t remember how to say it correctly, it requires me having to leave kistun and use audacity or an app to loop the audio until I’m saying the phrase correctly. That or hitting ‘R’ over and over.


Ah so it’s for shadowing, gotcha!

I’m not sure where such a feature would fit, perhaps as a deck setting? But then you would need to change it every time before going into reviews (when needed). Maybe a loop button next to the play button (on the card) that will loop the audio until you click it again or advance to the next card?

Let me know what you think :kithappy:

Yeah, I was thinking of the button next to the play button on the card that would loop something indefinitely or for a set number of times. Most times I only need to loop specific cards, so maybe it would be something that you need to turn on for each card you want to loop.

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